Fenix TK72R | The Brightest Flashlight from Fenix

*The current brightest Fenix flashlight is the Fenix LR80R 18000 Lumen LED Flashlight

Hello and welcome again to Fenix-store.com. Today, we'll be discussing the brand new Fenix TK72R rechargeable LED flashlight. This is a brand new light, fully rechargeable via a micro USB that has a massive 9000 lumens. This is our brightest flashlight released yet, and it appears to be a pretty incredible unit. We just got these items in the other day, and after using one for a bit, I can truly say that it is a very impressive, very impressive amount of light coming out of this very small, compact light considering the power.  So, let's get right into it here.

9000 Lumen Bright Flashlight 


brightest flashlight fenix tk72r

The Fenix TK72R uses three Cree XHP70 LEDs. Each of those LEDs has a light lifespan of 50,000 hours. These LEDs are incredibly hard to burn out. They very rarely go out. If they do, it is always covered under the warranty, but again, 50,000 hours of use, it is very unlikely that you'll ever actually break or one of these LEDs is going to go bad. They also withstand drops and cannot be destroyed like a normal regular incandescent bulb might be.

This is kind of a unique light in that it does have a maximum output of 9000 lumens, but unlike every other Fenix light that we carry, it does not have regulated three to five brightness levels. This has a completely customizable output setting. You can choose any number of lumens between 100 lumens and 9000 lumens. This is the absolute most versatile light that we have. You can tell it to put out exactly the amount of lumens that you want at any given moment. If you only need 400, put out 400. If you need 1000, do 1000. If you need 4000, you got that, all the way up to 9000 lumens. You put out exactly how much light you want to perfectly conserve your battery for as long as possible.

If you use the light on the lowest setting only on 100 lumens, the battery is going to last you 50 hours, so it's a great light to have for an emergency because on these lower settings it really will last a very, very long time. Also, because of the micro USB charge, you're able to charge it pretty much anywhere that you can find power. Even on the 9000 lumen setting, you still have a run time of just under an hour, about 50 minutes. Now, that's pretty incredible for this 9000 lumen output considering that a lot of other flashlights that use 18650’s, they might give you an hour and a half of runtime on 1000 lumens, so you've got nine times the brightness with just a little bit less runtime. The 9000 lumen output will also throw 938 feet, a very, very impressive throw for such a bright light.

One of the great features of the light is the OLED digital display. This display panel is going to have the runtime, the current output and the battery percentage all listed there. It's all very clear, very easy to read, and it will be very accurate. Fenix has advertised that it is accurate almost to the minute, so every time you change the brightness level, it will calculate that battery percentage and the runtime after a second or two, and it will, it will show you the new updated runtime on each of those settings.

Brightest Flashlight Features 

fenix tk72r brightest flashlight

The TK72R can also operate as a power bank so you can actually charge other micro USB devices off of it, and it does have the inner waterproofing treatment that all of our USB lights have so that, even if the rubber cover were to come off of the USB port, it is still 100% waterproof to IP68 standard, which is 100% waterproof down to two meters for up to 30 minutes.

It has three switches on the side. You have a plus and a minus switch to raise or lower the flashlight beam in increments of 100 lumens. Every click will raise it 100 lumen or you can click and hold and it will start to increment upward by 1000 lumens so you can quickly adjust the brightness, but whether by 100 lumens per single click or by 1000 lumens per every half-second or so while you're holding.

Like all of our Fenix lights, it does have a digitally regulated output so the brightness will stay constant as the battery dims, instead of dropping in brightness slowly, it will instead just kick down to the next solid brightness level so it won't dim. It will just lower the brightness, and it also has over-heat protection that's going to keep it from getting too hot. If you run it for too long on the higher settings, it definitely is going to get hot because of the amount of energy and the amount of output, but it will turn down automatically whenever it starts to get too hot.

Fenix TK72R Battery 

rechargeable brightest flashlight fenix tk72r

The light comes with the built in 7000 milliamp rechargeable battery, which is compatible, of course, with the USB discharge and recharge on the side of the flashlight. The light is just over six inches long and has a head diameter of about two and a half inches and a body diameter of a little less than two inches, and it only weighs 15 ounces without the battery.

The Fenix TK72R is the winner of the Red Dot Award for 2017, which is a very good award for flashlights. It's a very impressive boast for this unit.

It also has an easy to read battery indicator on the OLED screen. If the light's already off, you just click it, and it will pop up with the very easy to read battery indicator clearly stating exactly the percentage of battery power that you have left.

One thing that worries a lot of people with rechargeable lights is that, if the battery were to go out, they worry that they won't be able to replace the battery, and they might have to either replace the entire unit or wait for a long repair time because, rather than just replacing the battery, you have to replace the entire unit or repair the entire unit. That's not the case with this one. This light does have the battery that it comes with, but it is not a built-in battery. It is a removable battery, and so it's easy to take out.

If something were to happen to the battery, you can easily take out the battery and replace it with a new one, which the Fenix batteries are covered under a one year warranty in addition to the flashlight's five year warranty, so you have one year of guaranteed use for that battery so even if it breaks within that time frame, we'll replace it for free. If it's outside the time frame, we'll replace it after original costs. Our parts and replacement values are very reasonable. We try to keep them affordable.

The light actually has three different ways of turning it on. This is another way that the light really shows its versatility. If you press and hold the plus button, which increases the brightness, you hold it for about half-second, and that will automatically turn the light on to 5000 lumen output, so you click and hold that plus button, and it knows you're looking for a high amount of light. If you click and hold the minus button to turn it on, and it will start you off at 200 lumens because it knows you're looking for a small amount of light, and then if you use just the standard power switch, the third button, if you press and hold that for a half-second, it will turn on based on memory, like any of our other flashlights have that memory, so if you're on 4000 lumens, you turn it on with that middle switch, it's going to turn back on to 4000 lumens, same thing with 9000, 8000, anything.

The light also features a lock-out function so you don't accidentally turn it on. You click the switch twice within a half a second, and it will be locked out, and you click it twice again within a half a second, and it will unlock it and turn it back on into the last-used brightness level with the memory.

It also does come with a nylon holster, and that's a very good quality holster, good felt holster with a Velcro strap to hold the bigger light in.

That about covers it for the brand new TK72R flashlight from Fenix. If you do have any questions about this light, please feel free to check it out on our website or contact us and we'd be happy to help you out with this or any of our other units and just very excited to have this new killer-bright flashlight on our product list and excited to see what you all do with it. Thank you for joining us again today, and you have a great day.