Fenix TK75 LED Flashlight | A Very Powerful Flashlight



Hello everyone and welcome to another Fenix-Store.com blog. We appreciate you joining us today. We will be discussing our new flashlight which is the Fenix TK75 2018 edition (discontinued. Check out our Fenix TK series flashlights) which is packed with 5,100 lumens. Now I am gonna go over some of the details and specs of this light. But what I really want to talk to you about today is the different purposes of this TK75 and why it would be worth buying. But let's get started with some of those specs.

Powerful Fenix Flashlight 

As I had mentioned from the beginning it has 5,100 lumens. So it's a very very powerful light. You're going to get a runtime of about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Of course, that's accumulated runtime on those 5,100 lumens. This flashlight is powered by four 18650 batteries, or for emergency situations you could also carry four CR123's and power it that way as well. Of course our main recommendation here is to use the Fenix 3500 milliamp 18650 battery. (discontinued; see other 18650 batteries) They are really gonna give you the longest runtime and given that they're rechargeable, it balances out their higher price.  

There are many different mode levels or output levels on the TK75. As we had mentioned we have the 5,100 lumens for turbo. Below that you're gonna get the high mode which is the 2,000 lumens. It's actually called the high 1 mode. And then below is the high 2 mode which is 1000 lumens. Then the medium mode which is 550 lumens. The low mode which is 150 lumens. The eco which is 50 lumens. And then you also have a strobe at 5,100 lumens. And then the SOS at 150. So if you were reading this blog you'd just realize that this light actually has a total of six different outputs, which is a really nice feature on a light that has so much lumen capacity. Those multiple outputs are one of the really great features to have which really makes it a very diverse flashlight to use in various situations.

Additionally the Fenix TK75 LED flashlight also has a built in socket, and it could also take a shoulder strap. So you could either carry it with a shoulder strap, which would be perfect if you worked for the Coast Guard or the Army or in law enforcement. This would make it a perfect searchlight in that aspect. The tripod socket is really nice if you are a photographer. Just mount it on there. If you're needing better lighting, let's say you are a nature or outdoor photographer, that tripod socket is really gonna come in handy. And with the six different lumen modes you'll be able to just use the right amount of light for your photography needs. So that is a really nice added feature on the Fenix TK75.

Convenient Features of a Fenix Flashlight 

Now another great feature that the previous model did not have that the 2018 model does have is that the battery carrier is micro USB rechargeable. So that is really really nice. You won't have to struggle with having to take all the batteries out of the battery carrier and then setting them to charge and then having to put them back in one by one. What you'll be able to do here is just take the single battery carrier out and set that battery carrier to charge. It does have a button on the battery carrier. Just with a single click it will allow you to see the battery level and where they are at a charge rate as well.

Now this LED flashlight, the Fenix TK75, also has a really good other feature which is a lockout function. Now why is this such an important feature? You have to think that this is 5,100 lumens. It is a very high lumen output flashlight. And trust me, you do not want this Fenix flashlight turning on accidentally. With 5,100 lumens capacity, if this light was to turn on accidentally it could really get hot or it could make something get really warm in a short amount of time. So the lockout function is really nice because it will keep the flashlight in a lockout mode preventing it from turning on. Or, in this case, let's say you're on a camping trip and you brought the kids along and you really don't want the kids running the battery power down. The lockout function will definitely help prevent from the kids messing with the flashlight and you having to recharge the battery carrier so often and the batteries as well.

It does have reverse polarity protection, so it does protect against improper battery insertion. Also it has a low voltage warning which is gonna remind you when those batteries needs to be charged, especially on a high capacity flashlight like this, that's gonna be a really nice feature also. That way in case you are gonna be in law enforcement or you're gonna buy this for a group of people that are in law enforcement, they'll be able to tell when they'll have to charge this flashlight to be ready at all times. So that is a really added feature there that really really helps out.

Another aspect of it, pretty much talking about the physical aspects, is that the two buttons, the activation buttons, are stainless steel, and they're high polished stainless steel. It's really nice. If you go to our website Fenix-Store.com and have a chance to look at this flashlight you could definitely tell that they took some time in creating it. It's beautifully designed. The stainless steel buttons really give it that really nice aspect on the use of it in the physical side of it.

Continuing on I'm gonna go into some of the other features that it has and talk about how they could be used as well. When it comes to the size of this Fenix flashlight, lengthwise you're looking at about 7.4 inches. Body diameter's 2.1 inches. Head diameter's 3.4 inches. And the weight, excluding the batteries, you're looking at 22 ounces. So a little bit over a pound not including the batteries. Once you get those batteries in there you're gonna be looking about two pounds or a little bit over two pounds once those batteries are in there. So this is why the shoulder strap is included. You really are gonna want to use that. That way you could help ease the fatigue of holding it in your hand for such a long period of time. That shoulder strap is really gonna come in handy in that aspect also.

You also get spare O-rings, one lanyard as well, and a micro USB charging cable. Now one thing that I do want to remind you is if you're gonna be using this flashlight, let's say to have it as a backup camping light or a backup light to have in your house in case there's a storm that comes or something of that manner, you have the different power options. So four CR123 non-rechargeable batteries can be used to power this flashlight. Now those are non-rechargeable. You can't use the rechargeable CR123 batteries in this flashlight. But if you do want to go with rechargeable batteries then as we had mentioned previously we would recommend the 18650 3500 milliamp hour batteries. Those are gonna give you the best bang for your buck and give you the longest run time as well.

Charger-wise you really aren't gonna need a charger for this unless you're gonna have extra batteries. So let's say if you were gonna go this route and have a total of 8 rechargeable batteries, 4 of them can be charged in the charging cradle, which is the feature that this new 2018 TK75 has. We would also recommend if you're gonna have those other 4 batteries and you want to have them at full capacity we would probably recommend the ARE-C2 Plus. It has 4 charge ports so you could charge all 4 of those batteries at the same time, and that way if you lose all the power on the 18650s you could just pop those out and automatically put the fully charged 3500 milliamp batteries back in the flashlight and be ready to go.

We also recommend having a spare USB cable, even though this flashlight does come with one. We do have those on our store as well, the spare non-magnetic USB cables which will allow you to plug it directly into that battery carrier. That way you could always have those batteries ready to go. Maybe have a additional DC adapter also with you. That way if you're gonna go camping and you all of a sudden forgot to charge your flashlight or the battery carrier you could just plug in the battery carrier for the TK75 into that spare micro USB cable into that spare DC adapter, plug it into the DC socket in your car, in your RV, or in your mobile home and easily charge it that way. And by the time you get to the campground or the campsite you'd be ready to go.

If you are gonna go camping with it we do recommend also having spare batteries, specifically the Tenergy CR123's. That way if you don't have the opportunity to set the battery carrier to charge you could just take the 18650s, set them to the side, charge them when you do have a chance to plug them into a wall adapter or a DC adapter, and then you could just put CR123 batteries in there and that way you're ready to go when you're on the camp side of the campground.

Compact Throw Flashlight 

So these are just some of the features that we wanted to talk about. One thing that I wanted to wait til the end to mention is that it has around 800 meters of throw distance. So this is a really long throw distance flashlight. That is one of the best features that I think is of this new Fenix TK75. That's over 2,000 feet of throw distance. Really the only other few lights that we have that would have that, you'd probably be looking at the TK47UE also. But it doesn't have that high amount of lumens light the TK75 does. So this really long throw distance is a really added feature, especially if you're in law enforcement or the Coast Guard and you're gonna be using this flashlight as a search and rescue light or in any matter likely to that. So that's something to keep in mind as well. It's gonna give you an extreme long throw distance. And it's perfect for Coast Guard, search and rescue teams, things of that matter.

So we appreciate your time in joining us today on this FenixStore.com blog, talking a little bit about our new Fenix TK75 2018 edition LED flashlight. If you have any questions or concerns, as you know you could always contact us. Our customer service team will always be happy to help you answer any questions regarding this TK75 or any of our other Fenix flashlights. And if you are ready to make a purchase this is on pre-order. Just go to Fenix-Store.com, and in the search menu just type Fenix TK75 and it'll be the first option to come up, and you could place the pre-order today. Thank you and thank you for joining us.