Fenix UC52 | The New Standard in Rechargeable Flashlights

*The UC52 is discontinued. Please browse our other rechargeable flashlights in our Fenix UC series).

Hello, everyone. And welcome to Fenix Store.com. Today I'm going to be talking to you about the brand new Fenix UC52 LED Rechargeable Flashlight that just released. This is a very super bright flashlight and smart rechargeable flashlight that has a built-in OLED display screen that's going to be very clear on how much run time you have left, what the current output is, and what the current battery status is.

We'll go ahead and dive into it a little bit more. The Fenix UC52 is a micro-USB rechargeable flashlight with a super-high performance. It is fitted with Cree XHP70 LED, which can deliver a max output of 3,100 lumens, at a max distance of 253 feet.

The OLED screen digitally displays current output level, battery status, and remaining runtime. It's going to allow the user to be prepared for whatever plan of activity they may have. The Fenix UC52 does have a built-in 7.2 volt, 3500 million lithium ion battery pack. It does include dual-side switches that can separately control five output levels, and also has a flash mode that includes a strobe and a SOS, and does have a new integrated dye casting that's going to be excellent for the heat dissipation. It has an IP68 rated protection. All this is going to make the Fenix UC52 a very reliable helper, whether you are in searching, hiking, camping, or just everyday kind of use.

Now a little bit about the OLED digital display. It does make a very big difference with this new age of technology coming out. It's very accurate down to the minute. The OLED screen digitally displays the current output level, and the remaining runtime at the output level. And that can allow the user just to prepare ahead of time. And then also, when it's time to recharge, the light, with the light switched off, you can do a single click of the auxiliary switch and that will check the battery percentage status displayed on the OLED screen, so you can be able to choose the right timing for battery charging or whether or not you are ready to go on your adventure.

The Cree XHP70 LED is the one that is fitted into this Fenix UC52. They actually fitted it with a quad core LED. It redefines the lumen density and reliability of the single LED, delivering a higher output. The 3,100 lumens is very powerful and it can conquer the darkness right ahead of you. It's mighty performance of 3100 lumens burst through the handy and compact light body. The Fenix UC52 does offer dual switches for operation. So it's only a minimalist kind of design to make it very easy to use. It does offer separate control. There's a master switch that controls the general mode and the auxiliary switch will control the flash mode.

There is an instant strobe with this UC52. When the light is unlocked and switched off, you will simply press and hold the auxiliary switch for about half a second to enter into the strobe mode. And then also with the dual switches on this UC52, there is a lock-out function. What you'll do is simply press and hold both switches for about 30 seconds. Then you'll have the flashlight flash, I think, about three times, and this will indicate that you are officially locked out. This is going to prevent accidental activation. Whether you are traveling or have it in your bag or in your pocket, the simple quick lock of the light will keep it safe from turning on when it's not supposed to. And then to unlock it, you simply retrace your steps and press and hold both switches for the light to unlock.

With this battery, the 7.2 volt 3500 millionth lithium ion battery pack, you do get a ultra-long runtime. It can last up to four days and three nights, within the maximum time of 82 hours and 30 minutes on a one-time charge on a long-time journey.

It is micro-USB rechargeable so it makes it very simple and convenient, so the convenience must come first. Everywhere you can find a power source, like the car, the power bank, besides the outlet, or even a computer, you can be able to charge up this Fenix UC52. And it does include an inner waterproofing treatment, so even with the dust plug over the micro-USB port, the flashlight still holds. It's still the same IP68 water protection.

With this new integrated die-casting body, it does have very impressive heat dissipation throughout the light. So with this integrated die casting, the body features pretty low heat resistance. It also includes numerous cooling, thin in the appearance, and the light is more reliable with better heat dissipation and better safety performance.

With this unique flat-body design, it does offer a very cozy feel in the hand. It doesn't have any bulkiness and it just fits very smoothly. Again, refresh your recognition of what the light body and it fits in the palm perfectly.

There are a few other details. It has the silicone switches so you can easily operate the light, even with gloves. It does offer the stainless steel bezel ring and also a durable toe ring. As I mentioned before, this Fenix UC52 is IP68 rated, so it's totally protected against dust and foreign objects. And it's immersible up to two meters for 30 minutes.

Now I'll go ahead and go over the different modes offered with this Fenix UC52. First off, in the general mode, is the turbo mode. The turbo mode is 3,100 lumens and can run for approximately 42 minutes, and has a beam distance of 253 meters.

One step down is the high mode of 1,000 lumens. This has 2 hours and 45 minutes of runtime, and a beam distance of 145 meters.

Going down once more is the medium mode. This has 350 lumens. It can run for 8 hours and 15 minutes, with a 85-meter beam distance.

The low mode has 100 lumens. It can run for 27 1/2 hours. It has about a 44-meter beam distance.

With the eco mode, you are at 15 lumens, with the impressive 82 1/2-hour runtime. And that can shine about 18 meters.

In the flash mode, we have strobe and SOS. A strobe mode will operate 1,000 lumens, and then the SOS mode will operate at 100 lumens.

I'll go ahead and go over what is included whenever you purchase a Fenix UC52 from our fenixstore.com website. First off is, of course, the Fenix UC52, the Rechargeable Smart LED Flashlight, you are given a micro-USB charging cable, the holster that is fitted for this UC52, a lanyard, a user manual, and then a warranty card. To assemble it, all you will need to keep this light operated is a power adapter or some source of power that you can plug in the USB end of the USB cable to charge up your light.

And then, to summarize, the Fenix UC52 is a perfect flashlight for many different operations. Whether you're just walking your dog or simply you're going searching, or caving, or hiking, it is perfect for all. It is fitted with a Cree XHP70 LED. It has the built-in 7.2 volt 3500 milliamp battery. It measures about 153.5 millimeters, and it only weighs about 276 grams. It does include a OLED digital screen that's going to display your runtime at the current output, and what your current output is, and then also the remaining battery percentage. It is micro-USB rechargeable and it has a inner waterproofing treatment so it's going to maintain the IP68 water protection, even with the dustproof cover off.

There is an instant strobe option with this light, and there are also the lock-out function with the dual side switches that this is both operational. It is digitally regulated output and it's going to maintain constant brightness. It also includes an intelligent overheat protection, so it's going to protect against high surface temperatures. It does have a intelligent memory circuit, so it's going to remember the last-used mode. And then it is made of aluminum aloid, fitted with a stainless steel bezel ring. It also includes tough and ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating.

And that summarizes the Fenix UC52 Rechargeable Flashlight. Thank you, and have a great day.