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Hello, everyone. Welcome back to Fenix-Store.com once again. Today, we'll be discussing some of our Flashlight package deals that we're offering on the website. These are deals that offer you a discount on a pre-set bundle of items containing a flashlight, batteries to run it, and usually an accessory or two in addition to that, sometimes an adapter for a USB outlet or something like that or other accessories for the flashlight.

    Let's talk about some of the things we have offered. First, we have the PD35 Tactical Bundle. Now, this is a PD35TAC Tactical Bundle that will come with the PD35TAC Edition Flashlight. That is a 1,000 lumen light with five brightness levels. It will come with two 18650 batteries, which are rechargeable, and two CR123 batteries, which are not rechargeable. Those are just good for use when you might run out of power, if you're 18650s and you need to have a little bit just extra something on the side just to tide you over until you can recharge your regular main batteries, your 18650s, or if there was a power outage or something like that and you couldn't recharge your 18650s, that would be a good choice for you.

    Being a tactical bundle, it does come with the things you'll need to use it as a tactical light. It will come with a ring mount for a Picatinny rail on a rifle, as well as a pressure switch so that you can activate that light off the rail. It'll also come with the ARE-X2 Smart Charger, which is a two-bay multi charger, as well as an AC adapter. Finally, it'll come with the waterproof battery holder, which would be great for storing any batteries to have as backup.

    The next one we have is a Fenix TK20R Bundle (discontinued). This bundle does not come with a charger, because obviously the Fenix TK20R itself is a rechargeable light. It'll come with the flashlight, a battery, a AC adapter for your USB cable, which also comes with the flashlight. Then, we throw in a AOD-M Diffuser Tip Attachment. Now, keep in mind that all of these bundles will save you roughly 10 to 15%, sometimes even more based off the retail price of all the items included in the bundle.

    Next one is the brand new Fenix TK75 2018 Edition. That one, we have two bundles for. We have the flashlight and batteries bundle, which will come with eight 2900 milliamp 18650s. That will be four to run your light, as well as four additional to have as a backup. In addition to the four batteries backup, you also will get an 18650 battery storage case to hold those batteries while they're not being used. Lastly, you will also get an AC adapter as well.

    Then, we have the regular TK75 Bundle, which just comes with a single set that's four of the 3500 milliamp batteries, as well as an AC adapter for the battery carrier. Remember that the new Fenix TK75 has 5,100 lumens and has a rechargeable battery carrier. You take that out of the flashlight and plug that in directly to the wall.

    Next, we have the TK20R Tactical Bundle. This is another TK20R bundle, but whereas the other one was just a standard use bundle, this is a tactical bundle. Like the PD35 Tactical Bundle, this one will come with a ring mount, as well as a pressure switch. Then, we'll also throw in the waterproof battery carrier, the AC adapter and a green filter. The green filter is really good for use while hunting, as many animals are not able to see green light. It'll also help you a little bit to track blood trails as well.

    Next, we've got the regular Fenix PD35 Edition Bundle. That one will come with the high power flashlight, the Fenix PD35, the 960 lumen light, two 2900 milliamp 18650 batteries, two CR123s to use as a spare, a waterproof battery holder and the ARE-X2 Smart Charger. You have the TK15UE, that's the Fenix TK15 Ultimate Edition Tactical Bundle. Like the other tactical bundles, it will come with the Picatinny rail mount, as well as the pressure switch for the light, plus two 2900 milliamp 18650s, two CR123s and the ARE-X2 Charger. The TK16 Bundle is basically the same, except for it is not a tactical bundle. It does come with two 18650s, two CR123s, the ARE-X2 and the waterproof battery holder.

    Next, we have the Fenix TK32 Hunting Bundle (bundle discontinued), which is a color LED flashlight. The Fenix TK32 is a 1,000 lumen flashlight, but it does have integrated red and green light, which is perfect for hunting. Red can really be great for the dark, because it will not harm your night vision, and green again, like I said before, is great for the animals cannot see green and it is good for tracking blood. This one, because it's a hunting bundle, it will come with the tools necessary to attach it to your rifle. It'll come with the Picatinny rail mount, as well as the pressure switch for your light, plus two 18650s, two CR123s and the ARE-C2 Charger.

    Next, the UC35 Bundle. The Fenix UC35 is a rechargeable light, so it already does come with a battery, but in addition, you will get thrown in here the AOD-S, that is the small diffuser tip, which will allow you to use your light more like a torch or a candle, and the AC adapter for the USB cable and, of course, the waterproof battery holder.

    We have another Fenix TK16 Tactical Bundle. This is the same bundle as the other TK16 Bundle, but it actually does include the tactical tools. You have the ALG01 ring mount, as well as the AER-03 pressure switch, that's plus your two CRs and two 18650s. We have a small battery bundle here, the PD25. This is an EDC Bundle. The Fenix PD25 is a single CR123 or a single 16340 flashlight. It's at 550 lumens and it will come with two non-rechargeable CR123s and one of the 16340s, that's the ARB-L16 battery.

    This is a USB rechargeable battery. The battery itself actually has a USB port in it, so you can plug that battery directly into a USB outlet and charge the battery up without any additional chargers or anything. It will also come with USB cable and a car charger, car adapter for USB cables. We also have our only bundle that features a AA light, will be the Fenix LD22 Bundle (bundle discontinued). The LD22 is one of the best AA battery LED flashlight. This bundle comes with the LD22 flashlight, two non-rechargeable AA batteries and four rechargeable AA batteries, plus the ARE-X2 Multi-Charger. That'll get you one set of non-rechargeables and two sets of rechargeable batteries for your LD22, which is a really great deal. It's a 300 lumen light. It's a very popular option.

    If you want something a little bit nicer, we also sell the AA rechargeable kit (kit discontinued), which features the ARE-C1+ Charger, which has that nice LCD screen, as well as those four rechargeable AAs. It's just a matter of preference, whether or not you want that nice LCD screen on your charger or not. Other than that, the functionality is the same for recharging on the ARE-C1+ and the ARE-X2, that is.

    Thank you, again, for joining us today for some talk about our bundles and our package deals that we feature here on Fenix Store. These are really popular gift items. It's really nice to just be able to go to one page, buy everything you need all at the same time and know that you're getting everything that you need for your flashlight, especially if you're giving it as a gift.

    If you do have any questions about these bundles and package deals or anything else that we have on our site, please just give us a call or send us an email. We'd be happy to help you out anytime. Thank you very much again for joining us and thank you for being a Fenix customer at fenix-store.com. Have a good day.