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Tactical Flashlight Reviews | Fenix TK15 Ultimate Edition


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*While the Fenix TK15UE is discontinued, we offer a variety of powerful tactical flashlights. Browse our Fenix tactical flashlights to see which tac light is right for you. You can also browse our blog where we talk about the 10 best tactical flashlights of 2021

Hey guys, this is Logan from the Fenix-store.com team. I'm here today to talk with you about one of our illuminating Fenix flashlights, the Fenix TK15 ultimate edition. Today I'd like to cover some of the cool features, the specs of the TK15 ultimate edition. I'd also like to share some of the experiences we've heard about from the consumers for TK15 ultimate edition about how amazing this flashlight truly is. Let's go ahead and take a look at just how amazing this flashlight truly is. First, let's go over the specs of the TK15 ultimate edition. Now it does have a couple different modes. We're going to start off with the turbo mode. It has an output of 1,000 lumens with a run time of two hours. Now the really impressive thing about the turbo output of 1,000 lumens is the actual throw of the beam itself. The throw is at 325 meters, which is comparable to about a thousand feet, which is just absolutely amazing and outstanding that they're able to put such a throw in such a small flashlight.

The next mode we have is the high mode with an output of 350 lumens. It does have a run time of 4 hours and 20 minutes with a distance throw of 194 meters, which is at around 636 feet, which in itself is also amazing. And that's just for the throw alone. Not to mention the runtime of 4 hours, which is just going to be very practical. It's very efficient if you're needing to light an area up, that is definitely going to be a high functioning mode for you. The next mode you have is the mid mode, which is at 150 lumen output with a run time of an incredible 11 hours and 30 minutes. Now the throw on the mid mode is of 125 meters, which is about 410 feet, once again just amazing, amazing throw for this flashlight. The next mode you do have is the low mode, which is at 10 lumens, which is not very bright. That has a run time of 135 hours with a throw of 31 meters at 102 feet.

It does actually have one additional mode. It does have that strobe function so you are able to hold down the side switch button and actually, after holding for a couple of seconds it will actually go into the strobe mode. Those are the five modes of the TK15 ultimate edition. Like I said, with the turbo mode of 1,000 lumens it's just really incredible flashlight for the brightness of this light and then of course the actual throw of the beam at nearly 1,000 feet is just incredible. Now the size of this flashlight is comfortable, fits in your hand very comfortably. The length of it is about 5.6 inches. It has a diameter of one inch of the actual head the lens. Now the weight of it is also impressive for such a high lumen kind of flashlight. It only weighs 5 ounces, which makes it perfect for your everyday carry flashlight. You're not going to really be hindered by the weight of it whatsoever.

Now the overall design of this flashlight is really cool. I really, really like the way that they did this flashlight. It does have a tail switch, which I'm a huge fan of having the tail switch and I know a lot of law enforcement officers and military people also really, really enjoy having the tail switch function. It's almost necessary for that line of duty. Not only does it have a tail switch for your on and off feature, but it also does have a tactical ring. It pretty much just allows you to hold it comfortably between your index and your middle finger and with your thumb locked on the on and off which just makes it a very tactical and practical light. Now the TK15 ultimate edition does have the side button near the head of the flashlight. That is just to simply go through the modes from low to high. Then like we stated earlier if you hold it down for about three to four seconds it will actually go into the strobe function. All in all very easy, very simple to use and I do love the tactical ring just because it does make it more practical for the law enforcement aspect of that. The TK15UE is great for law enforcement and an excellent Fenix tactical flashlight

Another thing to notice about the TK15 ultimate edition, it does also have a belt clip. I'm not a huge fan of the belt clip. Sometimes I feel like it gets in the way whenever you're trying to fully utilize the function of the tactical ring. If you're the type of person that you like to clip your flashlights onto your belt, it does actually come with that right out of the box. Lastly but not least, it does have a pretty impressive strike bezel on it. If you were in a situation where you needed to break glass or needed to use self defense, it does have that feature as well. It is very comfortable with the weight of five ounces, makes it very easy to use. Let's get into the contents of what actually comes in the box if you were to purchase a TK15 ultimate edition. Of course the flashlight comes in. It also does come with a holster. It does also come with a lanyard for just easy access. It does come with a spare o ring, which is primarily used for the water prevention of it getting into the casing of the flashlight.

It does come with the spare o ring in case wear and tear on the other one goes out, you have a spare right there. It does also come with a spare rubber switch boot. If you're really rough on your flashlights and the actual tail switch, the button actually goes out, you're actually able to replace. It's very simple, not hard whatsoever to do. Then it does of course come with the user manual, any questions about the actual flashlight itself, there's a lot of good information. Also the warranty card, which all Fenix flashlights have a five year warranty, which for me that's an awesome, awesome thing that Fenix does for their customers. One thing that is not included with TK15 is it actually does not come with batteries. You would actually have to invest a little bit in either CR123 batteries or an 18650 battery. The TK15 ultimate edition runs off of two CR123 batteries or one 18650 rechargeable battery. Personally I always go for the 18650 rechargeable, in my mind the longevity of that battery, you're going to save money overall comparatively to buying CR123s.

However, I do always recommend to at least have a couple spare CR123s just for emergencies. Now we do sell quite a few of the TK15 ultimate editions to law enforcement officers. I've heard nothing but great things about this flashlight in their line of duty. They absolutely love the actual tactical ring. They say it's functional and it's just proficient through their everyday job whatever encounter they're in. They know they have a quality flashlight that even if it's dropped, even if it's thrown it is durable as can be. They say it's irreplaceable in terms of their day to day work and having a dependable light for what they're doing in their job. All in all, the TK15 ultimate edition flashlight, this Fenix flashlight is amazing. It is a must have even if you're not into law enforcement, even if you're not military this is a great light to have.

Just for me personally, just the actual specs of it with 1,000 lumen output with that long of a throw is just an amazing flashlight. Especially if you own land, if you have a large property, this will be able to light your entire property up. You'll be able to see anything, if anything is going on on your property. It's just downright an amazing flashlight. It is only around $75 dollars, which honestly that's a great price. You just can't get over that for me. That is just an amazing price for the quality of flashlight that you're getting. It would also make just a wonderful gift to maybe some family members who actually are in law enforcement or the military. I mean it just would make a great gift. One thing with all of our flashlights that we sell, we also have a reputation here at Fenix store. With our award-winning customer service team that are always helpful, always wanting to go the extra mile to just make sure that you're taken care of, all your questions are answered and giving you the best solution to what it is that you're needing in a flashlight.

On top of our award-winning customer service team, we also do have an in house repair center. If there is something that goes wrong with your flashlights, you're always able to send them into us. We can take a look or we can actually do some troubleshooting over the phone. Most of the time it is going to be something simple as batteries but sometimes it's not and we're always there and always proficient with taking care of our customers. In conclusion, TK15 ultimate edition, amazing light. If you have any more questions please contact us. We'd be more than happy to help you. Always from your friendly Fenix store team, illuminate your adventures.