Flashlights for the Holidays - Fenix TK35UE and Fenix TK25R

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Welcome back to Fenix-Store.com. Today, of course, we will be doing an overview of some of our Fenix LED flashlights. We will be talking today about the TK25 Red (TK25 discontinued), and the TK35 Ultimate Edition. Both of these are brand new, just announced lights. Both of them will be shipping to you around December 15th, so it's time to get the preorders in, and yeah, they'll be shipping to you at that time.

First, let's start with the Fenix TK25 Red version. Now, this is an color LED flashlight that puts out a very strong amount of red light. We do have the Fenix TK25 RB (discontinued) and the Fenix TK25 IR (discontinued). The Fenix TK25 RB does produce a red light. It has red and blue, but what the main difference that you'll see between that, the TK25 RB and the TK25 Red, the main difference is that the red light on this new one, the TK25 Red, it has more throw, it's brighter, and just more function of the red lighting.

So, first, it does feature a 1,000-lumen white light output, kind of the general standard at this time for the lights of this size. And of course, it has a twist head that will switch between the white light and the red light. In the white light mode, the maximum output is 1,000 lumens, and that'll last you about two hours, and the throw distance on the 1,000-lumen white light is 738 feet. You also have a high at 300, a low at 100, and a low at 15 lumens.

Then you also have the red light. You twist the head over, and it becomes the red light. It offers a 310-lumen red LED and throws for 656 feet, which is a very impressive amount of distance for a red light. This is one of the best red lights that we've had on the market ever, and it certainly is better than using the filter. Using the filter is, of course, acceptable if you need to, but it is better to have a designated red LED instead because you get higher output levels, and of course, longer throws from a designated LED rather than shining a light through a red filter that cuts down on some of the brightness.

In addition to the 310-lumen high mode, there's also a 100-lumen medium mode, and a 10-lumen low mode. The TK25 Red also has a 1,000-lumen strobe mode on the white light setting as well. Like all of our lights, it is rated to IP68 standard, so it will be full submersible under water for up to 30 minutes at about two meters. It also features the standard rivers polarity protection, protecting it from improper battery insulation. It also has a tactical tail switch. This is a two-button tail switch instead of having a button on the side, like the Fenix TK15UE (discontinued; see TK20R), or in many other tactical lights. This light will actually have a button on the backside that will give you instant access to the strobe mode from the off position, as well as click access between changing the modes after turning on the lights. So, have a power button, and the mode switch right next to it.

This flashlight has been specifically designed to be used as a hunting flashlight. The red LED is perfect for using at night, because red light does not harm your night vision, and the fact that it is so bright and has such a long throw distance at 310 lumens and 200 meters, this is very possibly one of the best red lights you can get right now. Then, of course, with the option of the white light as well, it, of course, makes it one of the best white lights as well as far as brightness is concerned. So, this is really an all-things included type of package. It's a really great thing to use for hunting or for police work, or anything like that.

Next, we have the brand new TK15 Ultimate Edition. This brand new LED white is a 3,200-lumen maximum output, and it also features a specified tactical and outdoor mode. The brand new toggle switch on the back is something that we have never seen before, but it looks very impressive. This easily allows you to switch between the outdoor setting, the tactical setting, and the lockout function. That makes it incredibly simple to operate. Many of our other lights that have a tactical setting, many customers are often confused about how to get in and out of that setting, so this will make the ease of use very, very simple. It'll be a very simple method of changing, just being able to switch directly to it by turning the toggle switch.

The battery holder on the Fenix TK35UE also features micro USB recharging. It is powered by two 18650 batteries like the older renditions of the TK35, but this one features that micro USB charging function on the battery carrier like we see on the Fenix TK75. This is a really great option to have. It means you don't really even need to have a charger purchased separately. You can actually just take the battery carrier out of the light and plug it in and charge the batteries right inside of the battery carrier.

The parallel battery body design with the flat body is also a very unique feature of this flashlight. You don't see a lot of those, and it makes it really easy to hold on to in a type of tactical grip, meaning how you often will see police officers hold the light where they have their arm raised up. That is the type of carry that this light is designed for. It's very great for police or military. But, of course, it still would be excellent for your regular, general activities like outdoors things like camping and exploration.

The Fenix TK35UE features the Cree XHP70 LED, and it has an orange pillar reflector, so it gets a very high flood off of this light, and it also features a battery level indicator, a battery level indication whenever you turn it on right away, so you always know exactly where your batteries are at. Not to mention the instant strobe function that is granted by the tactical feature of the tactical mode. In the tactical mode of the Fenix TK35UE, you will have access to a maximum of 2,000 lumens. You will be able to press the main switch to turn on the flashlight and to turn it, and it will always come on directly onto turbo, and then the mode switch will press, You will press and hold to enter strobe immediately, and press and hold again and you will turn on to the regular turbo mode.

In the regular outdoor mode, there are many more options, of course, because it is not quite as dire to have exactly what you need. That's the purpose of the tactical setting, to only have exactly the modes that you're going to need at that Immediately available to you. In the outdoor mode, the power switch will turn on the flashlight, and then the function mode switch will switch the brightness levels, and then you will press and hold for one second to enter the strobe mode, and then again, to go back to the general mode. Whenever it's in the flashing modes, you can single-click the switch to go back and forth between your SOS and your strobe modes.

Then, of course, there is also the lockout function that will not only you to turn on the flashlight, but it will still show the battery indicator. That reminds you that not only, of course, of the indication of the battery, but it also reminds you that it is locked out. So, this light has a maximum of 3,200 lumens with a 300-meter throw distance. That is on the outdoor mode turbo setting. On the tactical turbo setting, you have 2,000 lumens and 233-meter throw distance. Then you have the high lumens, or high mode, at 1,000 lumens, medium at 350 lumens, low at 100 lumens, and eco at 20 lumens. Then, of course, you also have the strobe at 3,200 lumens on both modes, and the SOS at 100 lumens on the outdoor setting.

That about wraps it up for these two brand new Fenix flashlights. Please continue to check back at our store and get your pre-orders in. These are expected to ship to you by about December 15th, so as soon as they get into our warehouse here, we'll be shipping them out. Get your pre-orders in, and if you do have questions about these lights or any of our other lights, don't hesitate to give us a call or send an email. As always, thank you so much for joining us today, and you have a great day.