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Hello, welcome once again to fenix-store.com. Today, we will be discussing a special section of our website. These are our sale items. We have a small selection of sale items available at all times. These items kind of come and go. They're not consistent. They are mainly made up of three different things. We have returns from customers, returns from dealers, and lights that have been refurbished.

This is a great place to check out if you want some high quality Fenix flashlights, but you'd like to save a little bit on them. Savings are about 15 to 20% off of the retail value, and all the lights, whether they're refurbished or just a return, will actually still come with the full five year, limited lifetime warranty. That's a five year, full coverage warranty, as well as a lifetime limited warranty on top of that, so these lights will be fully covered against all defects for five years, then additionally, after that, they will be guaranteed to be worked on for free, no labor costs, and you would just have to pay for parts.

Our current selection on the sale items page ranges from some of the PD32, 2016 Edition, as well as the Fenix PD35, 960 lumen edition, both being refurbished units. Lots of refurbished units going right now. Have a FD41 flashlight, LD75C refurbished flashlight, the TK32 refurbished hunting flashlight, RC20 refurbished cradle charging flashlight, UC35 refurbished USB rechargeable flashlight, TK20R, which is a refurbished tactical flashlight.

Next, returned headlamps. The returns are an especially good deal, because there's literally nothing wrong with these flashlights that are returned. It's just that they have left our shop, so we don't want to sell them as new anymore. So we discount them a little bit, and sell them as a returned item, and pass a little bit of savings on to the customer. And that is the same with both a dealer return and a customer return, which are marked separately.

If it's a customer return, just means it was shipped to the customer. They decided they didn't want it, and they shipped it back. A dealer return would be that we shipped it to one of our authorized wholesale dealers, and they either ... maybe they couldn't move the product, maybe they just decided to go a different route, and they returned the item. And again, since it left our warehouse, we just don't want to sell it as new anymore.

The refurbished units are ... those are units that were sent to a customer or a dealer, again, but these ones maybe had some sort of defect. Maybe the head wasn't working, or the switch was broken. It could be anything like that, really. If there is a defect with any Fenix product that you buy, including these, within the first 30 days, we just completely replace it with a new unit of the same type. So, if you were to get a PD35 flashlight, and it was defective. On day 23, it started showing signs of defect. It wouldn't turn on, wouldn't change modes, something like that, you would just send it in to us. We would pay for it to come back to us, and we'd replace it with a new unit.

Then we would take that unit that you returned, the defective unit, and we would send it back to Fenix, the manufacturer, and they would fix it up, do any necessary repairs, make sure that it is back in working condition, and they'll send it back to us, and we will list it here as a refurbished item.

So, in most cases, even the refurbished items will be basically brand new. On some rare cases, there will be maybe some scratches or some scuffs on them, from a little bit of use, but typically, these lights, at the very most, they were with a customer, a different customer, for only 30 days, so most people don't usually put too much wear on them in that time, but if there is one that has a little bit of wear on it, we'll discount it a little bit extra, and we'll definitely make sure to notate that on the product listing, that there is a scratch or other sort of blemish on the light.

Are an especially good deal, because save a little bit more, and they Even though they are refurbished, they will still come with our standard Fenix warranty, including that 30 day exchange policy, which means that if, by any chance, you do get a refurbished unit and it isn't working, you would just have to give us a call, send us an email, and we would pay for that light to come back, and we'd replace it with another refurbished unit, or if we didn't have a refurbished unit, at that point we would replace it with a new unit, and you'd come out ahead.

You know, looking here at some of the prices, we can see just how good of a discount you can get here. We've got, for example, we have the Fenix LD75C, which is a multi-color LED light. That's a 4,200 lumen flashlight. Normally, it will cost you $219.95. If you buy it as a refurbished unit, here with us, you'll still get that full, five year Fenix warranty, but you'll only pay $185 for it. That is just about a $35 discount off of an incredibly bright light.

Then, don't forget of course, you can always apply any coupon codes to these purchases, even still, and use your Fenix Reward loyalty program points on it, so you can make sure you really stack the refurbished discount with a newsletter coupon, or maybe a previous order coupon, a $5 code from your loyalty program, and of course get free shipping on all that, and you're saving just a ton of money. It's going to be really great.

Well, that'll about wrap it up for our sale and open box, refurbished, damaged item, return list, on our page here. Make sure you check it out on fenix-store.com, on the top-right corner, or on the right side of that navigation bar. You will see "Sale," and that's where you'll find all these great deals on these return flashlights and refurbished flashlights.

Thank you, once again, for joining us today, and we hope that if you do have any questions about our sale items and our refurbished lights, you give us a call, or if you of course have any question about any other Fenix products, you can always give us a call, send us an email, whatever you'd like to do. The number, of course, is (800)616-1326, and the email you can use, most likely would be the best one would be support@fenix-store.com. Thank you very much for joining us, and remember, we are always Fenix experts here at Fenix-Store, and we'll be happy to help you out with anything at all that you need. Have a great day. Thank you.