Flashlights that you didn't know existed from Fenix!


Hello and welcome to Fenix store again. This is Jacob talking to you today about some of our lesser known flashlights. The ones that don't get talked about too much but deserve a mention, definitely.

We have, of course, the Fenix MC11 (discontinued) ... Just for some examples, we have the and the SD11, and the SD20. Then we've also got the FD series, which is a whole series of focusable lights, which is a new thing for Fenix, we haven't had that in the past. And so we were excited about that.

First of all, the  Fenix MC11 is a very small, it's a very compact light. It has an angled head, a 90 deg- ... The head is at a 90 degree angle that points forward, and that is ... And then it also has a ... The head itself tilts up and down 90 degrees. So this is definitely our ... The only multi-angle flashlight that we have, and it's very good for camping, clipping on your backpack or your belt, something like that. And just overall, a very focusable light. It's 155 lumen burst mode, and as well as 105 lumen maximum output. That allows you a maximum of up to two hours and fifteen minutes. So, it's a good amount of time, and it uses just regular AA batteries, so they're easy to come by, easy to get. You won't have trouble finding them. And, yeah, just overall a very nice little compact light, especially for camping and hiking, that kind of thing.

Next we've got our SD series. There are two lights in the SD series currently. We've had a few in the past that have been discontinued in order to make you ... Make room for these two newer ones. The Fenix SD11, which is kind of an upgrade to the former SD10 ... That has 1000 lumen output, and its claim to fame is that it has a ... This one is really designed for underwater photography. It has what's called the Red Light Plus Mode. So that is actually a light ... or sorry, a red light with a very dim white light combined with it. So, it comes out as kind of a pink, but it is very, very good for seeing ... Really making the color pop in photography, underwater photography.

The SD series is all about dive lights, so everything that you see with them is gonna be about being underwater, diving, and then with the Fenix SD11, it's all about photography. It comes with a camera mount that you can put on your camera where you might normally put the flash bulb, and that really makes it easy to ... Like I said, it does come with that camera attachment. So, straight out of the box, you can use it exactly for what it's designed for. The camera light to really make your underwater photography pop.

It has a ... again, a 1000 maximum output, 110 degree beam angle, and a soft and even beam of white light. It's fully submersible down to 1000 meters, which is a huge increase compared to the ... I'm sorry, 100 meters, not 1000. Still, a huge increase for ... Over our normal water resistance, or waterproofing, on our normal lights, which is two meters. So, the dive lights will get you much deeper, obviously, much deeper down there, and you don't have to worry about that.

They're also very intuitive to use. They have a power ... A magnetic rotation switch that allows you to easily select your brightness level and turn on and off the flashlight. The Fenix SD20 is also ... The other dive light that we currently have. It is also 1000 lumens. The main difference between the two is all about run time. The SD20 takes two 18622 batteries, whereas the Fenix SD11 only takes one. So, you get a bunch more output from the SD20 ... Or sorry, not output, but length of time, run time. You will definitely get more rum time from the Fenix SD20, because it has a two battery capacity versus the SD10, which just has the one battery capacity.

The Fenix SD20 also features, of course, a 100 meter submersibility and full water proofing, as well as the same magnetic ring for the different light outputs. This one does have a red light, but it is not the Red Plus light. It's not quite as good ... Good for photography, but it would still be helpful. This one comes with a portable lanyard with a large rubber tubing on it. Helps it ... Helps you to see ... Helps you to find it, that is, if you were to drop it or something while you were underwater, and it's also really easy to hold onto to prevent you from dropping it in the first place.

Finally, we have our FD series. The FD series is all of our focusable lights. So, these are, as I said before, a fairly new venture for Fenix. We currently have five different options, including two brand new ones that are about to release here soon, October 6, 2017. Right now, we do have out, though, the FD20, which is a 350 lumen double A flashlight. That, of course, takes two AAs, and of course has the focusable beam. We also have the 900 lumen FD30, which is a single 18650, or two CR123 flashlight. That one has a 900 lumen output, and is basically the focusable version of the Fenix PG35, or Fenix PD35 Tactical.

We also have the Fenix FD41, which is a tactical style body and head flashlight. That one is also 900 lumens. That one would be considered ... I would consider it probably comparable to the TK15 that is ... So, basically a focusable TK15 flashlight.

And then, the brand new ones that we have. We have the FD45, a 900 lumen focusable light. That one's really cool. It takes ... This is, of course, one of the brand new ones. The Fenix FD45 (discontinued) takes four AA batteries, so you know that it is going to be very easy to come by. Or the batteries, at least, are gonna be very easy to come by. And so you won't have trouble finding them. This one kind of ... Takes the place of an older light that we had. I would consider it maybe the LD60 or E41 Fenix lights that have both been discontinued at this point. But, the FD45 is different in that, it is a little bit ... It's brighter than the E41 was, and it is more compact than the Fenix LD60 (discontinued) was. In addition to the fact that you, of course, get the focusable feature. This one in particular, and the next one, the FD65 ... The FD45 has a very impressive 94 degree flood beam, whenever it is unfocused, and that is a very, very impressive beam angle. You can really ... You'll really be able to see everything in front of you at that.

Finally, we have the Fenix FD65(discontinued), which is the 3800 lumen version of the focusable series. This one takes two 18650s, and this is probably the true successor to the LD60 flashlight, in that it takes the four 18650s, it is a higher lumen output, 3800 lumens, very impressive for the size that it is. You will not believe how bright the light that it puts out is for how small it is. It also has a 90 degree flood beam when in the unfocused mode, and just seeing floor to ceiling in front of you is a pretty incredible thing to see. You just ... You can see your entire field of vision fully covered in 3800 lumens of light. Very, very impressive.

That about wraps it up for some our lesser known models. If you have any questions about any of these, or, of course, any products at all, please give us a call at 800-616-1326 and we'd be happy to help you out any time of day that we're here, nine to five, Monday through Friday. And if we're not here, just leave a message and we'll give you a call back as soon as we're able to.

Thank you very much for joining us again, and you have a good day.