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Welcome to the general flashlight discussion review page. Under this category you will find reviews from experts who take a in depth look and many of the not so known Fenix Flashlights. You will find many interesting flashlights that you may have not seen or heard about before. You will also find the answer to the most common flashlight questions, including how to troubleshoot your flashlight.


We understand that flashlights can act up sometimes, this is why we created the troubleshooting your flashlight page. This allows allows us to give a few simple steps on how to fix simple and easy issues that may occur with a flashlight. Most of these steps can be completed within a few minutes and give you a better understanding on how a flashlight works. If you have any further questions you can always submit a contact form and one of our representatives will give you further instructions on how asses the issue.

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Over the past 20 to 30 years flashlight have evolved in many ways. LED bulbs are now the main source of light for most flashlights today. Many flashlights can be programmed or have a certain program. For example the Fenix PD35TAC which has both an outdoors mode and tactical mode. Figuring out how a flashlights works can be difficult, this is why we created this article to show the main components and how they work together. Feel free o write us a message regarding any further information needed.



This article is built from the most commonly asked questions form our customers. We understand that our customers are always wanting to learn more about our products and our company, this is the reason for this creating this great page. You can find in depth answer to most of your questions about flashlights and here. If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please send us a message and we will get it added.

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One of the most underrated categories from Fenix Flashlights is the diving lights category. Fenix Developed diving lights with the purpose of providing a high quality flashlight that can be used for long periods of time under water and very far depths. The diving lights were a success and have become a standard among underwater photographers and scuba divers and instructors. These flashlights have specific designs that will amaze any underwater junkie. 

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