New Bicycle Light Review | Fenix BC30R 2017 Edition


Hello everyone and welcome to Fenix Store. Today I'm going to be talking to you about the brand new upgrade to the BC30R. It's the 2017 edition.

To start off, the BC30R now includes 1800 lumens instead of 1600 and does come with the same OLED display screen. It is Micro USB rechargeable. Has two neutral white LEDs, has quick bicycle mount now, and it has upgraded remote pressure switch, and it also has the same built-in 5200 milliamp battery. It also includes all metal housing body as well.

The Fenix BC30R is a Micro USB rechargeable bicycle light that features a digital display screen that will give the user confident and inspiring readings. It is fitted with two Cree XM-L2U2 neutral white LEDs that give better color rendering and does emit a max output of 1800 lumens. Like the other BC30R, this upgrade does feature the dual distance beam system.

The OLED display panel will display the remaining run time at whichever current output that is selected, as well as the battery percentage. That will give the rider the need to not only the lighting but also to know the remaining run time and whether to take the back road home or to hurry up and get home if the battery is getting low.

fenix bc30r bike light

The BC30R does have a compact body with built-in rechargeable batteries. It does have an upgraded quick-release fitment to the actual handlebar, and it's much more user friendly. It does have a newly designed remote pressure switch, and it has full metal housing which is much better for the heat dissipation and, again, allow for this light to run a little bit longer as well. All that does allow the Fenix BC30R to be a versatile light to illuminate your trails confidently.

The BC30R features back lit operation interface, so it does have user friendly output selection. There are three switches that are back lit. You have the plus and minus switches for easy and fast output selection to either increase or decrease the brightness level. Then you have the main power button which a long press will turn the light on and off, and then whenever the light is on, you double-click the power button to enter into flash mode. Then whenever the light is off, a single click will display the remaining battery level.

Moving to the upgraded remote pressure switch, it really is giving you access to very powerful light just at your fingertip. What you can do is press for half a second to turn the light on and off. Then, whenever the light is on, click to select output levels. Whenever the light is off, click to display the battery level. Then the other button on the remote pressure switch will give you the instant turbo or the burst mode to the 1800 lumens.

best bike light fenix bc30r

The newly upgraded remote pressure switch is able to activate the basic operation with no need to move your hand away from the handlebar. Again, it does have the instant burst of 1800 lumens and you can go into that 1800 lumen burst mode at any status, which will compete against car headlights. That way, riders can speed up or overtake confidently, even in complex environments.

The Fenix BC30R does contain neutral white light. Two Cree XM-L2U2 neutral white LEDs does give you better color rendering which will guarantee a much clearer vision in rainy and foggy environments.  

The BC30R does have the dual distance beam system so it will give you the long range illumination while also giving you close in visibility. Whether it's near or far, you will not have any more darkness. Using the upward beam reflection, it will form auxiliary illumination immediately in front of the bike, where the ordinary bicycle will not be able to reach.

This also gives way for the anti-glare design, so it can light up your own road without affecting others. The upward beam of the bicycle light is refracted to the ground rather than shine into the eyes of pedestrians. The beam angle is very wide, 120 degrees. It's essentially a 120-degree wide floodlight. The two LEDs in parallel plus high-efficiency total reflection lens produce its superior beam distance up to 161 meters. That's going to make it very safe and smart to be able to see what's ahead of you, make sure there are no barriers and make sure your path is clear.

rechargeable bike light fenix bc30r

The Fenix BC30R is Micro USB rechargeable. The Micro USB charging cable comes with the light and it can be applied to other digital devices in charging as well. The recommended adapter is five volts or 1.5 amps, and it'll take roughly five hours to fully charge the light. There are charging statuses with it charging and plugged in. The back lit keys will flash green as the charging process continues, and whenever it is fully charged the back lit keys will stay a solid green. One thing to note is the light can only be charged using the supplied charging cable, and the bicycle light can only be used on Eco output when it is charging. Once charging is completed, it is recommended to replace the anti-dust cover.

The newly designed quick release bicycle mount that comes with your BC30R is a very innovative way to hold the light to your handlebar, making it very user friendly. It is about a three second assembly/disassembly. To innovate is a process of self-negation, so Fenix has always strived to do so. The newly designed mount can be reassembled within three seconds after disassembly. It makes it very safe with the trouble of unscrewing the screw from the old BC30R. It does have between zero to 30 degree horizontal adjustment, and any vertical adjustment to satisfy your various lighting demands. It does come with a thick and one thin shim available, so make the adjustment between 22 to 28 millimeters. The thin is applicable to 28 to 32 millimeters. Then whenever you have no shims in there, it is between 32 and 35 millimeters.

The new Fenix BC30R does include full metal housing, so it's much better for heat dissipation and much higher reliability. It also offers low power warning and intelligent output downshift. Whenever the light is on when the run time is less than 30 minutes, the switch will blink red constantly to remind you to downshift to a lower brightness level to extend the run time or to recharge the bicycle light ASAP. With the intelligent output downshift, if the non-stop use is needed, the light will downshift to a lower output to extend the run time. When the light downshifts to flash mode indicating it will go out soon. So stop riding and recharge your light ASAP.

The BC30R is IP66-rated so it's dustproof against dust and foreign objects, and it's waterproof so it can withstand heavy rain and splashing.

Now we'll go over the different modes of the Fenix BC30R. Like I said, the burst mode is 1800 lumens and that'll shine about 161 meters. Next down is high mode, which is a 1000 lumens and it'll run for two hours and 40 minutes. Then medium mode, which is 400 lumens. That'll run for seven hours and 20 minutes. The low mode is 150 lumens, and that'll run for 16 hours and 10 minutes. Next up is the Eco mode of 50 lumens and that'll run for 36 hours. It does have the flashing mode and it'll flash at 150 lumens.

Now we'll go over what comes in your package whenever you buy the Fenix BC30R. You will get the BC30R bike light, the BC30R handlebar mount, the remote pressure switch, a dedicated USB charging cable, you will get two handlebar mount shims, so one thick and one thin. You'll get the user manual and then you'll get the warranty card.

fenix bc30r waterproof bike light

Then to wrap up, I'll quickly go over a few highlights. It does have the OLED digital display to display the remaining run time and the battery percentage. It does have a built-in 5200 milliamp 3.7 volt chargeable battery that is Micro USB rechargeable. It does come fitted with two Cree XM-L2U2 neutral white LEDs. It does have the upgraded remote pressure switch so you can control the light as well as access the 1800 lumen burst mode. It does have dual distance beam system. It does have the low power warning and intelligent output downshift function. It has the upgraded quick-release handlebar mount, so it's going to make it much more user friendly. It does include five output levels plus the flash mode. It is digitally regulated, so it will maintain constant brightness. It has all metal housing for better heat dissipation, and it is IP66-rated protection.

That wraps up the Fenix BC30R. Hope I was able to inform you on our new bike light. Come check it out at Fenix Store today. I hope you have a great day. Thank you.