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View the Fenix T5Ti and F15 Package here (Fenix TKTi and F15 both discontinued)

*While the T5Ti and F15 are both discontinued, we do offer some incredible pen lights. Check out our Fenix LD02 V2.0 pen flashlight and our Fenix LD05 V2.0 pen light.

Hello everyone and welcome to Today I want to talk to you about this brand new combo that just was released from Fenix. It is a new tactical pen and a flashlight combo. It is a T5Ti tactical pen plus our F15 special anniversary flashlight. The flashlight is 85 lumens. With this Fenix T5Ti tactical pen and Fenix F15 LED flashlight combo set you're going to be ready to complete your EDC or everyday carry set.

Fenix Tactical Pen & Pen Flashlight 

    People nowadays are so used to using keyboards or their own phone as a way to input information and to copy down information, but the good old fashioned pen will never fade. So having this very stylish and functional pen is a must have. It is an exquisite pen. It's capable of recording every unmissable detail of your one and only life. So you can essentially write down anything and everything. It has great ink and it's really well built. The Fenix T5Ti tactical pen is very useful for, of course, writing, but also attacking or even in self defense. The actual body material is made of TC4 titanium alloy. And we do have a couple different colors of the body. One's in a space gray and another in a storm blue. It is very lightweight, so it's going to ensure excellent toughness of the actual pen. So it's going to be very sturdy and stable. The tungsten steel hard alloy strike bezel is going to be perfect for the attack or self defense methods. So it's definitely going to be able to ward off an opponent or a potential attacker. It does have German Schmidt P950M pressurized refill. We do have it in black and blue ink. The black ink is available in the space gray color, and then the blue ink is available in a storm blue color.

    The pen is measured at 5.4 inches or 138.5 millimeters. The width is just .5 inches or 12.5 millimeters. The weight of the pen is only 1.4 ounces, so it's only gonna be about 40 grams of weight. So there's definitely gonna be a nice, firm feel with the pen. There's definitely gonna be a great feel whenever you're writing. It's not gonna be too light, not gonna be too heavy, but it's gonna be very nice and firm, but also very functional at the same time. Again, the storm blue is gonna be kind of a mixture of blue and gold coloring design with the strike bezel on the bottom. And then the space gray is gonna be generally all coated with the gray color.

    The T5Ti is an exquisite tactical pen so it's gonna be very useful for a variety of tasks like I mentioned, the self defense, attacking, and writing. With the titanium alloy and the lightweight functionality it's definitely going to be perfect for many different scenarios. It also does mention to only use the strike bezel with caution because it is very effective. It does include a globally unique serial number that's located on the pen itself. And it does have the spring and then the fill, and then the actual body tube it does have that all today. And it all just simply screws in nice and tight.

Fenix Pen Flashlight Features 

    Moving over to the other side of this combo set is the Fenix F15 flashlight. It is an anniversary flashlight. The anniversary is celebrating the company's 15 years of making their high performance LED flashlights and other lighting products. This extremely limited edition is to commemorate the light features, unique rose gold plating with the company's insignia the mythical phoenix. That's going to be etched into the light's body. It does deliver a maximum output of 85 lumens. It includes three different brightness levels, all powered by single AAA rechargeable or alkaline battery. The Fenix anniversary light is perfect for an everyday carry or just as a simple souvenir.

    The stainless steel material that features high corrosion and temperature resistant properties. It's also going to offer reliability and tenacity. So it's going to make this a perfect light for everyday carry. And it can take a beating as well. The rose gold plated body tube is highly resistant to wear and oxidation, and it's going to enhance the light's elegant characteristics. So it's definitely a very good looking flashlight.

    I forgot to mention the company's insignia, the mythical phoenix is etched into the light's body. And so it's gonna be perfectly displayed with the exquisite texture. The etching itself and the serial number are all done by horological craftsmanship in one precise horizontal line. So it's definitely going to line up perfectly. And it's definitely going to make a really good looking flashlight.

    It is fitted with a Cree XP-E2 LED, and that LED's going to produce a maximum output, like I mentioned, of  85 lumens. And that can all be accomplished just by one triple A battery. So it's going to fit right in the body tube and you just screw back down the head and you're good to go. The three different output levels are going to be able to satisfy any kind of various lighting demands. And to operate the Fenix F15 is a simple twist operation. What you do is you will twist it to tighten to turn the light on, and then you will quickly twist to loosen it until it turns off, and then quickly turn it back on to tighten again. And that can change between the modes. So a quick turn off and then back on will be able to change between the three different output modes.

    And speaking of the different output modes I'll go ahead and go over them. The high mode is 85 lumens, and with a nickel metal hydride battery that can run at one hour or with an alkaline that'll have a 45 minute run time. The distance on that beam is about 45 meters on high. The medium mode is 25 lumens. And with a nickel metal hydride or an alkaline battery you're gonna get the same amount of hours, four hours and 15 minutes. And that beam distance is 18 meters. The low mode is eight lumens, and with a nickel metal hydride you'll get about 14 and a half hours off run time. And with an alkaline battery you're looking at about 15 hours. The distance on the low mode is eight meters. The Fenix F15 is IP68 rated, so it's gonna be able to be able to be submersible up to two meters or six and a half feet for 30 minutes. Fenix makes durable and versatile everyday carry flashlights as you can see with the F15. 

    And now I can go over what will be included in the box whenever you order this combo set. It does come with its own gift box itself. So it's all going to be in a nice velvet plated lining on the inside of the box. There's very limited numbers are going to be produced. They're each going to have their unique serial number, and it's going to have a gift box. And it's going to have the black plus hot silver words of Fenix on the outside. So it's definitely going to be a work of art. It's going to be perfect for a collection or to share as others as a souvenir. Or it can make even a perfect stocking stuffer.

    So what is included in this gift box is the T5Ti tactical pen, either in space gray or in storm blue, whichever you choose. And it will come with the T5Ti user manual. And then it will come with three spare O-rings for that pen. And then it will include the F15 Fenix LED flashlight that will include a lanyard for the Fenix F15. And then it'll include one AAA battery. It's also going to include one space O-ring and that spare O-ring is going to be for the F15. And then it's also going to include a warranty card. So the box itself is actually rather small. It's only about 6.8 inches in length, and almost three inches in width. So it's not too bad, it can fit perfect in that stocking for Christmas gifts or it can just make a perfect gift for the holiday as well. The total weight is only going to be about 7.8 ounces, so it's going to be a perfect little gift that can be even for yourself, or it can be perfect for that special someone.

    And that wraps up this new Fenix T5Ti tactical pen and Fenix F15 flashlight combo set. You can also check out our other Cool Gear to browse through a variety of outdoor and EDC items. I hope I was able to inform you on this and hope you guys check it out on Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.