New Fenix UC35 V2.0 | 1000 Lumen Tactical Everyday Carry flashlight


We are very excited about this review because we will be talking about a Fenix upgrade! Once that will make Everyday carry junkies very happy. This would be the Fenix UC35 V 2.0. As many of you already know, the Fenix UC35 is essentially one of the greatest everyday carry flashlights that has ever existed from Fenix. The primary reason is because of the high output and compact size. It's micro-USB rechargeable, easy to carry, essentially it has been rated as one of the best everyday carry flashlights and tactical flashlights for a very long time. Fenix recently decided to give it an upgrade, which, I believe, might have been a little bit overdue. But we're happy to see that it has finally arrived and all the really nice features that it has brought to the table.

Throughout this blog post we will describe some of the key differences that the UC35, the older model had, as compared to this new model. There, as we have mentioned, have been some great upgrades and some great features that we think are going to want to make you want to buy this new UC35 version 2.0.

The first main difference is that it's 10 millimeters shorter than the original UC35. That is correct. It's actually more compact, easier to grip, easier to turn on, simply because of those 10 millimeters. Fenix has not taken away the tail switch. It still has the rear on and off tail switch and the side switch button, as well. That is two key factors, especially if you're a person that loves everyday carry flashlights; compact, tactical flashlights. This would definitely be a go-to for you, as well.


Another great key feature that Fenix has added on this new UC35 version 2.0 is that it has a metal side switch. Now, this is a very important thing that Fenix has been doing with a lot of its newest flashlights, especially a lot of the newer upgrades. A lot of older flashlights, like the TK75, RC40, UC35, PD35, those older models, as you remember, they had rubber side switches. Which were great, but sometimes they could be a little difficult to find in the dark or feel out on the body of the flashlight. This metal side switch is a really nice added feature. That way, you can easily feel it out, turn the flashlight to its different outputs, and really feel it out in the dark, as well.

One of the things that you'll notice, if you have a chance to look at the pictures of the new version 2.0 of the UC35, is that where the side switch button, or the output button, is placed it has a metal indentation, or a groove, where it's placed. Which makes it even easier to find that side switch button, especially in the dark, or if you're a police officer and you have to use it. All of a sudden, it will be easy for you to find.

Another upgrade that this Fenix UC35 has is that it's been upgraded to 1,000 lumens. As you guys know, the previous UC35 was a max of 960. This one, as I mentioned, is now 1,000 lumen output. Really, it's hit the standard for everyday flashlights. Fenix, what they have done, is they've created a compact flashlight being 10 millimeters shorter than the previous model, and also have upgraded the amount of output that it has. A lot of people may say, "From 960 to 1,000, that's not much of a difference." But one of the things that you want to keep in mind is that this UC35, this upgraded UC35, has also a longer throw distance, plus the upgraded Cree LED.


Some of the key features that Fenix did leave on this version 2.0 is that it is still micro-USB rechargeable. You can charge it via micro-USB. Easily charge it in your car if you're a home inspector, police officer and this is your duty flashlight. You can easily charge that on the go without having to worry if you have a spare battery or not. In regards to that battery, Fenix has also done an upgrade there also. If you guys remember the old UC35 came with a 3400 milliamp battery included. Well, Fenix has gone ahead and included, now, the 3500 milliamp battery, which is the highest rated milliamp battery that Fenix has to offer. That is now going to be included with the Fenix UC35 version 2.0.

A lot of great features that this flashlight has that we wanted to discuss. I'm also going to get into some of the output levels that this flashlight has. The previous model have five outputs. This one will also have the five outputs, plus the strobe. The first level that you have is the eco, which is going to be at one lumen. The low, which is at 50 lumens. The mid, or medium, which is at 150 lumens. The high, which is going to be at 350 lumens. And finally, the turbo, which is going to be 1,000 lumens. The runtime is really great on that, as well. Two hours and 15 minutes of accumulated runtime for those 1,000 lumens. And the throw distance, you're going to be looking at 872 feet.

The flashlight is more compact, it is even smaller than its predecessor, to have a farther throw distance, that is actually a very big deal. It's something that you really want to take into consideration. A really nice feature that Fenix has added on there. One thing that I forgot to mention, that I'd like to mention right now is that with the upgraded metal side switch, there is also a boot up battery level indicator. This will only work when you're using rechargeable 18650 batteries. Now, the Fenix UC35 is compatible with both non-rechargeable CR123s and rechargeable 18650 batteries, which it will include, as we had mentioned previously, the Fenix 3500 milliamp battery. But when you're using that 18650 and you turn this flashlight on, you will be able to see the battery level of the flashlight, which is a really nice feature. I know that the previous Fenix UC35 it did have it with the rubber side switch, which would light up every so often and stuff like that, but essentially it's more clear to see on this new metal side switch that the Fenix UC35 has. That is a really nice added feature.

The accessories that are included with the UC35 version 2.0, similar to the previous one, it will have the pocket clip, which will make it extremely easy to carry. It will come with a holster and also its lanyard. As we had mentioned, it is micro-USB rechargeable, so it will include its micro-USB cord, as well. And also it will include that 3500 mAH battery (3500mAh battery temporarily unavailable; see other 18650 batteries). This all is priced at 89.85, which is an amazing deal that you can get at Definitely worth the buy, if you're looking for a flashlight to keep in your car to carry with you all the time. This is definitely the flashlight you want.