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Thank you for joining us once again here at Today we're also going to discuss some other new products that we will have coming out soon. We had recently done a blog about the Fenix TK72 and high powered flashlights that will be coming out but there is some other products that we forgot to mention and we just wanted to do another blog post regarding these products because we're really excited about them as well.


Let's get things started. The first product that we would want to mention here would be the Fenix CP30R. What is a CP30R? Many of you know that we have a line of camping lanterns. We have the CL30, CL25, CL20R which are all rechargeable and they all have their different purposes. Well Fenix has decided to come out with the CP30R. This lantern is 400 lumens, USB rechargeable. It comes in two different options. It has a magnetic connection, LED module, it has a module design. It has a sleeping mode. IP66 rated, a tripod socket, 10,000 milliamp power source. So that is a beast of a camping lantern.

The only thing that I forgot to mention that makes this camping lantern even better is that it has a Bluetooth speaker inside of it. The camping lantern has a Bluetooth speaker that you could connect to your phone, your tablet, whatever Bluetooth device you have to play music, play a podcast or a book that you are reading. Really awesome feature that this camping lantern has. Specifically the 10,000 milliamp Lipin battery. That is awesome. Specifically because it also does have the discharging option. So just like the Fenix CL30R it has a discharging option, you'll be able to use this CP30R the same. It will have a discharging option so you can charge your other USB products like your cell phone, your tablet or even your flashlights as well. That is one of the features I really enjoyed about it.

The beam diameter as you know, these are camping lanterns so their beam diameter is not really going to be a far distance throwing light but to be something you could put in an ambient place so it could light up the room nice and evenly. It's going to have 25 meters of max throwing distance on its beam diameter. So that's really even, cool, white light as well. Length wise, you're looking at 72 millimeters in length, 72 millimeters in width, and 122 meters in height. So very even, very square, very module design. Easy to use. Things like that and this is going to be a really nice addition to the camping lantern lineup. Specifically once this comes out, this would be an option that I would really consider. Especially taking on those fall camping trips or those upcoming camping trips for next year. I would definitely get this. Have it ready as a present for somebody for next year as well.

Some of the other products that we will have coming out later this year are our head lamps. We have quite a large right of head lamps that will be coming out. All very unique. All with different options. All powered differently and I'm just going to run through these really quick to explain what they are.


So we have first the HL40R. This is a high performance focusing headlamp. It has a momentary on for turbo. It is eco friendly, IP66 rated, battery level indicator and it is a micro-USB rechargeable. Now I mentioned high performance focusing headlamp. Yes. A focusing headlamp just like our FD series. They have now added this to the HL40R that is soon to come out. Maximum 600 lumens, it's going to have both a spotlight and a floodlight. The 600 lumens on the spotlight is going to give you about two hours of run time and a throw distance of 135 meters, which for a headlamp that is really nice throw distance on a headlamp. On the floodlight you're going to get about 41 meters on the 600 lium option and also two hours of runtime as well.

Moving on, we also have upcoming the HL32R. The Fenix HL32R is rated at 600 lumens. It's going to be a neutral white light. It's also going to have a red light. I'm assuming that's going to be for the SOS option. Yeah I do see that. It's going to be rated at 30 lumens. Also micro-USB rechargeable, IP66 rated, SOS option. So this is a really nice headlamp also from your mid to high range lumen outfit headlamps. Specifically because of the fact that it's going to have a 200 milliamp battery pack included in there. It's going to be USB rechargeable. So some really nice features on the HL30R. I would keep a lookout on that one as well.

Now moving on, we have a few other new ones. These we were looking at them because we received them on our new 2017 product catalog. So we were just flipping through the pages and seen what new products we had coming out. The other two new headlamps we'll have is the HL30, a 2017 model. It's going to be 300 lumens. It's going to be a hiking and camping headlamp. Both going to have a neutral white light and also a red light. That red light as I mentioned is going to be for the flashing. Probably as a battery level indicator. It's going going to have one lumen of the red LED. Also it's going to have a dual switch control. So we don't have one in yet but I'm assuming you'll be able to maybe turn on the high lumens on one side and the low lumens on the other. Kind of like they did on the FD65 flashlight. IP66 rated and is SOS option.

Now 300 lumens, this is going to be powered by two double A batteries. So if you're one of those people that really likes to stick with the old school double A batteries, this is going to be your option here. You're going to be able to run those 300 lumens for two hours at a distance of 46 meters. So if you are a double A junkie or a prepper, I know a lot of the preppers out there they like to stick with what they know which is double As and non-rechargeable batteries. This would be the headlamp for you.


Next up we also have the HL20R which is 400 lumens. This one is going to be, also going to have the White and the red LEDs. The red is just one lumen also on this one. Solid red and the red flash. What other options do we have here? I see that it's going to have a 10,000 milliamp li polymer battery pack. So this one is going to be USB rechargeable, easy to carry. I do see that this one is just a single headband. It doesn't have the headband that goes over your head. It's just a lightweight rechargeable headlamp. Also it looks like it does have that dual on and off button and also the mode selector button as well. It does have a battery level indicator and it also is IP66 rated.

The 400 lumens you're going to get a run time of about one hour at a distance of 135 meters. So that is going to be a really nice throw distance for a headlamp. Really easy to use from what I see. Really easy to carry. It's only 75 grams and that's including the battery. So this is going to be super lightweight for you hikers or people that like to backpack or even runners. Night runners especially. This is going to be the perfect headlamp for you. Something very simple to use, easy to carry, easy to power, easy to recharge as well. So I would keep a look out for this headlamp as well.

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