New Powerful Flashlights from Fenix in 2017


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Thank you for joining us on another blog. Today, we're going to be discussing some of the new products that are soon to come out later this year. Really we could say it's been a really good year for Fenix. Many new small flashlights and high power flashlights have been coming out recently, especially in the FD Series with the Fenix FD65 (discontinued) and the Fenix FD45 (discontinued). Previous to that we had the Fenix TK65R (discontinued), which is an amazing rechargeable USB flashlight, and also the upgraded Fenix BC30R 2017 version. We could say pretty much up until now we've had a large variety of really great flashlights that have come out that fit pretty much every type of purpose. Today, we're going to discuss some of the flashlights that have still not come out. We're going to give you a little teaser of what we know that will soon be out on Give you some insights into this and then we'll go from there.

First, we're going to discuss the Fenix TK72R. This is a large flashlight. Many of you have heard about this high power led flashlight on CPF forums or through Fenix the manufacturer's website. This is a Red Dot winner flashlight, 9,000 lumens. When I think about this flashlight, I don't even know what I would use it for. I mean, there's so many different purposes that we could use this flashlight for, specifically search and rescue. With 9,000 lumens I'd probably make it my everyday carry flashlight as well. Really good all around design. As we mentioned, it's the Red Dot winner. It has a OLED display on it. We're not sure yet exactly what details are going to be shown on the OLED display, but that is a really nice feature that is going to be added on there. Also, it does come with a 14,000 milliamp ion battery pack. That is an extremely high amount of milliamps, honestly, to run 9,000 lumens.

We do see that it is going to have the option to double as a power bank also, so this powerful flashlight You'll be able to charge your other products that are USB rechargeable probably, maybe your other flashlights, UC35, CL30R. The charging port is waterproof as well from what we know. It's going to be IP68 rated for two meters. From what we know, we're probably going to get about six and a half feet for 30 minutes on this flashlight, which is awesome on such a high lumen output flashlight as well. It's going to have three different ways of switching the flashlight on. We don't have one here yet, but soon we may receive a prototype to figure out how that actually works.

From what we can see, it is going to be able to tail-stand from what we can see so far. It's going to have a bunch of different features that are going to be pretty much for anybody, especially if you're looking for a really, really strong flashlight. Once this comes out, it's going to be the brightest LED Flashlight that we have, beating the RC40 in that battle there. As we all know, the RC40 up until now, 6,000 lumens, our most powerful flashlight that we have available. That's just some quick features of the TK72R. We just wanted to express those features with you guys, see what you think about them. Comment on them as well, or send us an email. As soon as we get a prototype in here, or we also receive them, we'll be sharing more of those details, doing more blog posts regarding this flashlight.

Another Powerful flashlight that will soon be coming out is the Fenix UC52 (discontinued). Now, this flashlight from what we know is going to be 3,000 lumens. A lot of people have been asking for a compact flashlight that has more than 1,000 lumens, more than 2,000 lumens, that is micro USB rechargeable, that's easy to carry, and this seems to fit the bill. I mean, 3,000 lumens, micro USB rechargeable. It does show that it's going to have a OLED smart display also. From the pictures, we can't see directly where that OLED display is going to be placed, but that is going to be a nice feature as well, kind of like the Fenix TK72R that we had mentioned previously. It does have a SOS option and a strobe. Also, going to be rated for IP86 for two meters. That's going to be 30 minutes underwater for six and a half feet.

That's going to be 3000 lumens. You're going to get about a runtime about 45 minutes. It shows that it's going to have a distance of 251 meters. No, not the most impressive throw distance, but you're still going to get quite a bit of throw distance out there as well. I'm really excited for this one as well, because it's pretty much a flashlight that I would personally say I would carry. I would also make it like an everyday carry, kind of in my truck, or also keep it in my tool bag, something similar to this. Especially with that high amount of output, I'd just be happy to show it off to my friends. It does have a few other different modes. The highs going to be 1000. Medium is 350. The lows going to be 100 and the eco is going to be 15. It is going to have a built-in 3,500 milliamp 7.2 volt Li-ion battery.

Size-wise, I had mentioned it's a little bit compact as to what you think for 3,000 lumens. Now length-wise, you're going to be looking at 153 millimeters in length, 42 millimeters in the head diameter, and 25.9 millimeters in the body thickness. This is just some of the features of this UC52. What it's going to have, what it's going to offer. I would really see myself also using this flashlight when I would go hiking, or also use it ... Probably, anybody that is a contractor or also that does home inspections, this would be a really easy flashlight for them, simply because it is micro USB rechargeable. They'll be able to charge it in between home inspections, or in between jobs in the car, or in the truck without having to fiddle with, "Oh, I need a charging cradle, or I need to take my battery out to charge it."

No, you can just plug it in directly into that micro USB cable and you'd be good to go. These are just two of the flashlights that we wanted to talk to you about today that are soon to be coming out. I am really excited about these two specifically, because the high amount of lumens. One is 9,000. The other is 3,000. We do want to let you guys know that if you want to know more about these flashlights when they come out, please sign up for our website to receive the newsletters, because the day that these flashlights come out, we will have a newsletter with all the details, all the specs on these flashlights, pricing as well, and we usually do have promotions on new products. If you haven't signed up for lumen bucks, we ask you to do that as well.

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