Powerful Headlamps | Fenix HL40R Rechargeable Headlamp

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Hello, My name is Brad from the Fenix-Store.com team and I will be going over the new Fenix Headlamp called the Fenix HL40R. This is the first headlamp Fenix has came out with that has an adjustable beam and fully rechargeable. It has a max output of 600 Lumens and can alternate between spotlight and floodlight and only weighs 130 grams.


This light includes a built-in 2000mAh Li-polymer battery pack offers a maximum run time of 200 hours. Additionally, the integrated metal body, overlapping headband, IP66 rated protection that can withstand heavy rain and splashing and also protects against dust and foreign objects, all make the Fenix HL40R reliable for hiking, camping, searching, photography and more. It features one handed rotary focusing ring, micro USB charging as well as 4 battery/charging level indicators. The focusing ring will allow the light to achieve a 75 degree floodlight and a 13 degree spotlight reaching 482 feet and with the tilt mechanism will allow it to tilt up to 60 degrees.


The battery indicators are right above the power switch and you would turn the lamp on by holding down this button for .5 seconds. It also features a burst mode that you activate by holding the power button for 1.2 seconds and can be locked to prevent accidental activation by pressing and holding both buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.


Next, I will list the brightness settings with their accumulative run times. There are a total of 5 output modes plus SOS and Burst.


  • Burst

    • 600 lumens (1 hour 20 minutes - accumulated run time)

    • Spotlight - 482 feet/147 meters

    • Floodlight - 141.1 feet/43 meters

  • High

    • 300 lumens (4 hours 30 minutes)

    • Spotlight - 315 feet/96 meters

    • Floodlight - 95 feet/29 meters

  • Med

    • 130 lumens (11 hours)

    • Spotlight - 210 feet/64 meters

    • Floodlight - 62 feet/19 meters

  • Low

    • 70 lumens (22 hours)

    • Spotlight - 151 feet/46 meters

    • Floodlight - 46 feet/14 meters

  • Eco

    • 30 lumens (50 hours)

    • Spotlight - 98 feet/30 meters

    • Floodlight - 29 feet/9 meters

  • Reading

    • 4 lumens (200 hours)

    • Spotlight - 32 feet/10 meters

    • Floodlight - 13 feet/4 meters

  • SOS

    • 30 lumens (100 hours)

    • Spotlight - 98 feet/30 meters

    • Floodlight - 29 feet/9 meters

When you purchase the new Fenix HL40R rechargeable headlamp you will receive the headlamp itself, the 2000 mah Li-Polymer battery, the overlapping headband, USB charging cable, warranty card and user manual. For any questions you may have regarding this light or any others please don’t hesitate to give us a call as we are the Fenix Experts and would love to help any way we can.