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Congratulations on being a new Fenix owner!  A well-cared for and maintained Fenix flashlight should give you many years of use.

Register Your Fenix Flashlight

Fenix flashlights and headlamps carry a 5-year warranty. Please read the specifics of the full warranty on THIS PAGE.  If you register your light on the manufacturer's website, you will extend your warranty an additional 6 months.  CLICK HERE to register your light. (You will be taken to the manufacturer's website.)  If you ever need warranty/service work, Fenix Store will be your repair center.  You can contact our Repair Center by calling 800-616-1326 Ext. 2 or email

Fenix Flashlight Warranty

As a new Fenix owner, we believe the information below will be of value to you.  

  1. You have made a significant investment in a high-quality piece of technology.  With the proper care, your Fenix product should last many years. Please read your User's Manual thoroughly, paying attention to the battery specs chart.  

  2. Batteries:  Don't take shortcuts in battery selection.  You want to use the APPROPRIATE battery(ies) as listed in the User's Guide.  Also, select high-quality batteries to minimize the chances of battery failure which can ruin your flashlight. You may want to read this valuable information concerning today's powerful batteries. 

  3. If your flashlight/headlamp takes ALKALINE batteries, operate with caution.  All alkaline batteries will eventually leak if you leave them in any electronic device for extended periods of non-use time.  If you leave your batteries in your light/headlamp, you will want to turn the light on at least every 2-3 weeks.  For extended non-use time, you are safer storing the batteries outside of the flashlight.  Battery leakage is not covered by the Fenix warranty.  It is recommended that you consider rechargeable Ni-MH batteries (won't leak) rather than alkaline batteries.

  4. If you ordered 18650 rechargeable batteries, they will have about a 30% charge on them when you receive them.  It is recommended you put a full charge on the batteries before you use them.

  5. TROUBLESHOOTING your light.  You can expect trouble-free operation from your Fenix product.  CLICK HERE to view videos on maintenance of your light.  Many times basic cleaning or tightening of the o-ring will resolve most issues should you experience anything.

Thank you for being a customer.