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When you think of Bike Light or Bicycle lights you should think of Fenix. If you visit, you will notice that we not only sell flashlights but Bicycle lights or Bike lights also! We have three main bike lights the Fenix BC21R (discontinued. View our other awesome bicycle lights), BC30R and BC30 (discontinued. Recommended model: Fenix BC30 V2.0). all of these are USB rechargeable except for the BC30. The Fenix BC30 does take two rechargeable 18650 batteries. Today we will discuss some of the features of our bike lights. We will also be answering the most common questions regarding our Fenix Bike lights. Let's get started.

1. Fenix BC30R | Is the light water resistant/waterproof?

The Fenix BC30R is water resistant to IPX-6 Standards. This means the light will hold up well to high rain or splashing. Many cyclists have used the Fenix BC30R in torrential rain and snowy conditions, without any trouble. Without a doubt, the BC30R would make the perfect companion for any cyclist in any weather condition.

2. Fenix BC21R | Does it have memory to turn on to the last used setting?

Yes, The Fenix BC21R does have remembered the last used mode. This is one of the most important features in a bike light and we made sure to include it on the BC21R. The memory mode helps many bikers, especially during night riding. IF you suddenly have to light up a trail you can easily do it without having to increase the lumen output.

3. Fenix BC30 | What type of batteries are recommended for this bike light?

Since the Fenix BC30 is not rechargeable we recommend using Fenix 18650 batteries. We have various mAH to choose from starting off with 2600, 2900, and finally the 3500 mAH. These batteries are priced at $13.95 to $22.95 each depending on the mAH. We recommend purchasing the 18650 3500U battery for biking purposes. This battery does not need a charger, it can be charged via Micro USB making it perfect for Bike lights.

4. Fenix BC21R | How long does it take to charge, and what is the runtime on this Bike Light?

The BC21R charges up very quickly. The light can usually be charged within 1-2 hours. When you purchase the BC21R from the Bike light will include a 2300mAH 18650 battery. The runtime on a 2300mAH battery is about 1 hour on Turbo, this is accumulated time. The high mode which is 380 Lumens will provide about 3 hours of accumulated runtime.

5. Fenix BC30 | During a biking trip I lost the pressure switch for my bike light, is there a replacement part available?

Yes, as an official U.S. Fenix distributor we also provide replacement parts for our lights. To get a replacement part all you have to do is contact us and ask for availability. Please make sure to have your serial number ready, this can be found on the light and will usually start with the letter F. The serial number will allow us to see what repair center/distributor will have the part you are looking for.

6. Fenix BC30R | Will the light work while being charged?

Yes, The Fenix BC30R is designed to work while being charged. The max output will be the Eco mode. This is another great feature of the light, even though you cannot access the highest lumen mode, it's nice to know that you won't be without light while charging the Bike light especially if you are in the middle of a trail using a power bank to charge.

7. Fenix BC30 & BC30R | Which Bike light is better?

Many things can be said about these lights, but if you are looking to see which one of these two light is better it will come down to preference. The BC30R has an output of 1600 Lumens while the BC30 has an output of 1800 Lumens. At this high amount of output, you would not be able to tell much of a difference in the luminosity. What it will come down to is how long you will be using the flashlight. The BC30R is rechargeable but it takes 2-4 hours to charge back up. If you are going to need a light for a long period of time then we recommend the BC30, even though it is not rechargeable, you have the ability to change the batteries out. This option would come in handy during long trails or bike routes. In the case of needing more light you can have spare charged batteries with you and swap them out quickly, this cannot be done with the BC30R since the battery pack is not removable. Both lights are the best in their field, which is cycling or biking. As we had mentioned before choosing which one is the best between these two will have to do a lot with preference.

8. Fenix BC Series | How do each one of these light mounts to a bike?

Each one of our three bike lights will include either a mounting strap or bike mount or mounting bracket. First, the Fenix BC21R comes with a quick release mounting strap and bracket, since the BC21R is very lightweight it is very easy to mount. The bracket attaches to the light, once attached the strap hooks on to one side of the Bike bracket then it goes underneath the handlebar and finally hooks on to the other side of the mounting bracket. The BC30 and BC30R use the same type mount since it is designed to be a quick release mounting system that is shock resistant. The Lights snap into the frame of the bike mounting system. The bike mount has detachable rubber mats that make this mount easy to use no matter what type of handle bar you may have, it's one size fits all.

We thank you for joining us today, we hope the information provided will help you decide which bike light or bicycle light is best for you. All of our bike light can be purchased on