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Hello, this is Josh with the Fenix Store, and today we're going to be talking about the Fenix CL30R Camping Lantern. The Fenix CL30R certainly is a powerhouse of camping lanterns that contains many features. You are provided with a max of 650 lumens, that portrays light 115 feet in a full circle. The maximum is 650 lumens with a wide range, and high intensity luminance.

Now, the six L code modes are Turbo, High, Mid, Low, Eco, and then there's Flash. Now, Turbo, using the 26 milliamp 18650 you get four hours, which is 650 lumens for four hours and 30 minutes. On the 3500 milliamp you get six hours. High is 3850 lumens, and for the 2600 milliamp that's nine hours, and for the 3500 milliamp that's 12 hours. Mid is 100 lumens, and for the 2600 that's 38 hours, and for the 3500 that's 51 hours. Low is 50 lumens, and the 2600 milliamp is 70 hours run time, and the 3500 milliamp is 93 hours run time. For Eco it's ten lumens and that runs at 300 hours for 2600 milliamps, and 400 hours for 3500 milliamps. The Flash is 100 lumens and it uses, for 70 hours for the 2600 milliamp, and 93 hours for the 3500 milliamp, and the 115 foot diameter wide range beam is also with that. I think that's just at the full Turbo mode.

Now this Fenix flashlight, the CL30R is micro USB rechargeable, but can also act as a power bank to charge external devices. It doesn't work with all micro USB ports. It works with most though. This Fenix flashlight is perfect for camping, hiking and all adventures, activities and whatever a companion would need. A cold resistant battery compartment makes it perfect for all season usage. You have the option of using either one, two or three 18650 batteries to power the CL30. You are also able to either attach the Fenix CL30R to a tripod or you can hang it. One thing before I move on, I will say that one of the reviewers have talked about that, and I'll read it off now.

One reader said about this Fenix flashlight is: "All my previous lanterns were pretty bulky, and I always wanted to increase their brightness higher than max. The CL30R is the first lantern that's compact and that is too bright at max. Fully charged, supplied batteries was more than enough for a two-night camping trip. I would recommend getting tripod or gorilla-pod, as this lantern is so compact that you want to put it a bit higher over the table." That's why it'd be good to get a tripod or a gorilla-pod, and they put that as an available attachment, so you can see what you're doing but you're not blinded by the lantern.

Now some of the other specifications of this Fenix flashlight, the CL30R is it is excellent cold resistant design. It has integrated micro USB charging with battery level indicator, reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery installation, and has tripod socket for easy attachment, like we previously said, has a sturdy hanging loop for if you want to hang it somewhere. It is powered by one, two or three rechargeable 18650LI-ion batteries. It also has a single button switch for easy and fast operation. It's waterproof to IPX-7 standard, which is high water resistant ability, and float ability make the CL30R perfect for various outdoor activities.

All right, next we're going to talk about battery options for the CL30R. Now the battery are included with this flashlight, so you have three 2600 milliamp rechargeable 18650 batteries shipped with your CL30R when you purchase it, so that's one good thing about this. You don't have to worry about buying three 18650s and purchasing the lantern at the same time. You get it all in one price.

Other batteries that will operate the CL30R are the ARB-L18 2600U, the ARB-L18 2900, the ARB-L18 3500, and the ARB-L18 3500U. Each has a different milliamp, and the higher the milliamp is, the longer the run time between charges, so you would get the longest run time, like you saw from the specs of the six output modes, you get the longest run time with the 3500 milliamp battery, but all the other ones are still good. You'll still get a good amount of run time with them, like the 2600U with the four hours and 30 minutes, and the 3500 with the six hours.

Now because you know that this is rechargeable, you don't have to have a charger with it, but if you would like to have an extra three batteries, or you would want an external charger just for any reason, our options are the ARE-X1, the ARE-X1+, the ARE-X2, and the ARE-C1+, and finally the ARE-C2+. Now because you'll have three batteries, there would be a recommended one would be C2+ because that is a four bay battery charger, and has display, but the only problem with that is it's not the one I would pick. It's the most expensive charger, and it's actually the best out of all the other chargers, but the one I would recommend would be the X2.

You do not get the fancy gadgets that's on the C2+ but you still get two bays of charging. You can charge all battery sizes on this charger, and it can be used as a power bank. I don't know if the C2+ is, I know the C1+ is not used as a power bank, so that's one good thing to have, is just another charger with a available power bank. It's just very useful for all situations because you can charge multiple different size batteries with it, just like the C2 and C1, and the ARE-X1+.

Now the size of this, the diameter is 3.9 inches, which is 93 millimeters, and the height is 5.35 inches, which is 136 millimeters. The weight is 14.5 ounces excluding the batteries and other accessories.

Now what comes with the lantern is a big question some people have. It comes with the CL30R camping lantern, which you know, and it comes with a spare O-Ring for water seal. It has a micro USB charging cable, and it comes with the three 2600 milliamp rechargeable 18650 batteries like I said, and a user manual with a warranty card as well.

This Fenix flashlight is really good and our best lantern that we have out at the moment right now. It's good for every situation you could take it in. It's got the most powerful out of all the other camping lanterns in lumens, and in run time, so that's really good.

Now I'm going to read another review that we had from somebody about the CL30. It says, "This light is smaller than I expected, which is a very good thing, but very bright and useful for many applications. We lose power often where I live and this light has bailed me out once already. Works great as a work light in the garage too."

There's another thing. Some people say that they think it's bigger when they look at the website, but it's smaller when they get it, so that's a really good thing as well. It's compact and you can put it places that wouldn't think that you could.

That serves some things to think about when you're thinking about purchasing a lantern. This lantern is our best one that we have right now at the moment, so if you are interested, look at and talk to a Fenix Store representative about our other Fenix flashlights, and that's about all I have to say about the CL30R today. Thank you very much.