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Get you Fenix RC09 Here (discontinued; see E18R)

*While the RC09 is discontinued, Fenix-store has many great everyday carry flashlights and rechargeable flashlights to look through. Currently, the Fenix E18R holds one of the top spots for best everyday carry flashlight thanks to its powerful output of 750 lumens, its charging capability, and its use of either a 16340 battery or CR123  battery.  

Hello. My name is Logan and I am a member of the Fenix-Store team. I am here today to talk a little bit about one of our phenomenal Fenix flashlights. Of course, I'm talking about the Fenix Flashlight RC09. It is a rechargeable flashlight. It is one of my favorites personally. I personally have one. I love this light. It is perfect for everything that you can imagine, or any circumstances that you can come into. Any situation that you may be in. The Fenix Flashlight RC09 is an outstanding and absolutely just down right cool Fenix flashlight.

Today we will be going over the specs of the Fenix RC09. Some of it's cool features. I will be sharing some of my personal and favorite experiences that I've had with this amazing Fenix RC09 Flashlight. Let's go ahead and take a look at this awesome flashlight. First off, we're going to start with the specs of the Fenix RC09. It does have a couple of different outputs. Different modes that you can put the flashlight in. We'll start with the largest and go down to the smallest in terms of lumens.

The first one that we're going to dive into is the Turbo output. That is at an output of 550 lumens and a run time of 35 minutes which is absolutely crazy. Just, 35 minutes at 550 lumens, that is absolutely awesome. On that Turbo mode it does have a distance of throw of about 150 meters which is a good long ways. I mean, it will literally bright up your backyard. You'll be able to see everything going on. It is incredible how tiny this flashlight is for it to be at 550 lumen output. Now it is at 35 minutes which some may think that's not very long. But for what you're doing it'll be long enough.

The next mode or output that we have for the Fenix RC09 is the High function, the High output mode. That is at 150 lumens. What is incredible about this is that it has a runtime on the High output of two hours and 35 minutes, with a throw of 60 meters. Now me, personally, anytime that I use the Fenix RC09 I am always actually putting it on High or on Mid. Because for me Turbo is just too much. I mean, it's just almost too bright for me. I mean, I don't need to see everything. For me, personally in my experiences, the High and the Mid modes have been adequate enough for what I need to be doing.

But speaking of the Mid mode, the Mid mode does actually have 50 lumens. Which is not a ton but in itself 50 lumens is quite adequate for seeing anything. Maybe you dropped your keys trying to find them, or maybe you're trying to see a little bit ahead of you maybe walking the dog at night. I mean, it is more than enough for you to actually see. That Mid mode does have a run time of an incredible eight hours and 55 minutes. It also does have a throw of 36 meters, which is pretty far in itself for 50 lumens, honestly.

The last mode that we have is the Low mode. Which this is pretty much like your eco mode. I mean this thing will run for 56 hours at five lumens, which a throw of 12 meters. Now that for me, personally, is if I'm in the car it's dark and I don't have any lights in my car. So this is perfect for me to see around if it's nighttime or if I'm trying to see something in the car without trying to wake anyone up with bright lights. This is perfect for that circumstance.

It does also have the Strobe feature. Not only do you have the Turbo mode, the High mode, the Mid mode, the Low mode. It also does come with the Strobe feature which is at that max output of 550 lumens. To actually put it into the Strobe mode, on the RC09, you have the side button that is your on and off switch. Simply by holding it for about two to three seconds it will turn on. Now if you actually hold it for about four to five seconds it will go into the Strobe function mode until you press the side button again. It's very functional and very easy to do. Those are the four outputs modes for the Fenix RC09. Then of course the strobe feature.

Now the overall size of the Fenix RC09 is very cool. I think it feels very comfortable in your hand. A little bit bigger than most average thumbs on your hand. For me it's perfect flashlight for my everyday carry. The length of it is actually about 2.83 inches. Very short. Very small. Very lightweight. It's actual weight is less than 2 ounces weighing in at only 1.59 or 1.6 ounces. Which is incredible for how bright this flashlight is.

Now probably one of the really cool things that really stood out to me about this flashlight is that it's a Fenix flashlight that is ready to go right out of the box. It comes with the 16340 battery already included. You don't have to worry about buying extra batteries by any means. Because this Fenix flashlight, the RC09, is rechargeable. One of the cool features about it is the rechargeable feature. It's magnetically rechargeable. It comes with a magnetic charging cable. In order to charge it you simply plug one end into the USB port and you just set that magnetic cable on top of the focal point which is on the opposite side of the on/off switch and it just latches right on. Then you will see that a green light will turn on to signal that it is charging. I love the fact that it comes with the battery and that's a really cool feature for me. Not having to have to take the battery out, swap it with another battery is a bonus. Now I can just leave the dead battery in the flashlight and charge the battery straight through the flashlight itself which, for me, that was a golden selling point. I knew at that moment I had to have a Fenix RC09.

Like I said, you do have the 16340 battery at 700 mAH. The magnetic charging cable. You also get a lanyard so if you have slippery hands it'll come in handy. Also, if  the work that you do you need to requires a lanyard it's great to know one is included with your purchase. It comes with it right out of the box. It comes with the holster. If you're the type that you want to keep your flashlight on your belt clip then that holster will really be useful. Next up it does have a body clip on it, which I use. Personally, that's how I choose to carry my Fenix RC09. The last three things that come with it are of course a spare-o-ring just for the water seal on the Fenix RC09, the user manual, and the warranty card.

Because of all these great features, the fact that it comes ready right out of the box, it's included magnetic charging cable, and included battery, I was hooked. That was enough for me. But there's one last thing that I'd like to talk about. This is by far my favorite feature. Actually when I got my Fenix RC09 I did not know that this was a feature on the Fenix RC09. I was really blown away. The end of it, where normally a tail cap would be on the rest of the Fenix flashlight, is actually magnetic which for me comes in very handy. I found so many uses in my personal life for having a magnetic end on my flashlight. Not to mention with how bright it is.

For one circumstance my car was broken down and I was able to actually attach my RC09 to the underneath of my hood and turn it on to the Mid mode. It lit up my entire engine block so that I could see all the parts that I was messing with, all my tools that I was needing to spread out to take the apart. It was just absolutely phenomenal the uses that you will find if you so choose to buy a Fenix RC09 and will not regret one single bit.

Now whether you're buying for yourself or rather you're buying it for a friend or a family member, no matter what, this is a wonderful and great Fenix flashlight. Personally one of my favorites. For around only $65, for me, that's a steal. With all of the features and all the handiness that this Fenix flashlight offers is just absolutely a no brainer. All in all the Fenix RC09 is a wonderful flashlight. Anyone will be lucky to have one in my opinion. But Fenix lights do have a certain reputation. Part of that reputation's is thanks to every Fenix flashlight having a five year warranty. Here at the Fenix-Store we have our award winning customer service team to answer any questions you may have, or any advice that you might need concerning any of our Fenix flashlights. On top of these great services we also have an in house repair center for any problems that could actually occur. No matter what, any Fenix flashlight you buy, you are getting a service. That service here at the Fenix-Store we take it very seriously and whole-heartedly.

I do hope this information about this light has answered any questions that you may have had about the Fenix RC09. If you do have any more questions please feel free to contact us. I know as a member here we are always excited to help with any of your Fenix needs. As always, from your friendly Fenix-Store team, illuminate your adventure.