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The Perfect Everyday Carry Flashlight for Your Keychain 

Ever use the LED on your phone, or needed a flashlight in a pinch, I know I have. That’s why when I found the Fenix UC02 keychain flashlight (discontinued; see ) I knew it was the perfect flashlight for me. The Fenix UC02 is a super bright keychain flashlight. The Fenix UC02 keychain flashlight is one of the brightest keychain flashlights that I have found. I find it to be brighter than most full size handheld flashlights that I have owned and used.

I know what you’re thinking, something that bright has got to be super bulky, uncomfortable in the pocket, and heavy. Since it is a keychain light, you probably believe that the Fenix UC02 is heavy on your car ignition. But, it’s actually very lightweight, compact, and durable. I have found it to be very useful in my everyday life. With the Fenix UC02 being shorter than a house key, it’s super small, and also super bright. The fact that it is a rechargeable flashlight makes it the perfect flashlight for all sorts of projects and EDC (Every Day Carry) moments.

Fenix E02R keychain flashlight

Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight  

The Fenix UC02 is just over an inch and a half measuring in at 1.7 inches long, which is 43 millimeters for you metric people out there. You are probably wondering how to charge a rechargeable keychain flashlight. That’s easy, it has a micro USB port built right in. Simply unscrew the head of the unit and there it is. How cool is that! With charge time being somewhere around 30 minutes, it doesn't take long to bring it back to life. It even has a tiny LED indicator the lights red when charging and green when fully charged.  

This little powerhouse of a keychain flashlight comes in three solid colors; blue, pink, and black, with two new stainless steel options now available one with a hint of blue and the other with a hint of gold. The one I bought was the stainless with the hint of blue, and I love it. It looks so clean and well built, I have to show it off to everyone I meet. When they find out this little keychain flashlight has a micro USB port, they have to get one too.

Fenix E02R Rechargeable Keychain Flashlight

Operating the Fenix UC02 Keychain Flashlight 

With two output selections, it is hard to find an everyday situation the Fenix UC02 keychain flashlight doesn’t measure up to. From its low mode with 10 lumens, which is perfect for up close situations when you need just a little extra light, to walking outside in the dark using its 130 lumens mode, I find myself reaching into my pocket for this flashlight more times than one would think. A 30 minute run time on high makes the Fenix UC02 last for several days when using it a few minutes at a time. This mini sun does what most full palm flashlights can do by casting a beam distance of 158 feet. This makes it perfect for outside use when you have a large space and you’re in the dark. I am very happy with the Fenix UC02, I find that i made a smart buy and proper investment when it comes to the product. The product  is super affordable compared to a lot of other keychain flashlights that are just as bright.   

To help save room and maximize power, this keychain flashlight doesn’t mess around with buttons. Instead it has a classic screw on/off function. From the off position, you screw it in and it comes on in low mode, with a bit more rotation it turns to high. It also has multiple O-rings to keep it secure and watertight on any setting. With a waterproof rating of IPX-8, which is the highest rating a flashlight can have, there are no worries about dropping the keychain flashlight in water and getting it wet.

I use it every day while at work or home. With as much as I use this keychain flashlight, I can’t believe I ever lived without it.