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Today we're gonna be talking about the Fenix PD25 flashlight. The Fenix PD25 flashlight is probably the brightest 16340 flashlight that I own. It is perfect in size. It only measures 3.7 inches in length, 0.8 inches in diameter and 65 ounces in weight, which is perfect for carrying around and keeping with you while not being in the way. It's very compact.

Another fact about the brightest 16340 flashlight is that it's crafted of durable, aircraft grade aluminum with premium type three hard anodized anti-abrasive finish, which is very cool. The Fenix PD25 flashlight has four different brightness modes plus a strobe option, which is one of the reasons why it's one of the brightest 16340 flashlights. The four output modes plus strobe are turbo and that runs on 400 lumens with a CR123 battery but with our 16340 battery, it runs on the highest, which is 550 lumens and that's for 35 minutes with the 16340 battery. It'll run for 400 lumens on turbo with the CR123 for an 1 and 10 minutes.

The high setting for the CR123 is 150 lumens for 3 hours and 15 and then for the 16340 battery, it's 150 lumens for 2 hours and 25 minutes. Mid on our CR123 batteries is 50 lumens for 9 hours and 5 minutes and mid for the 16340 battery is 50 lumens for 7 hours and 10 minutes. Low for the CR123 is 5 lumens for 100 hours and then with the 16340 it's 5 lumens for 53 hours. Then the strobe for the CR123 is 400 lumens because that's as high as they can go and then the 16340 battery makes it go to 550 for the turbo strobe. This makes it perfect for any low light area and one of the brightest 16340 flashlights.

Another thing that's interesting about one of our brightest 16340 flashlights is that the four brightness modes can all be accessed using the tactical tail switch and it also has a momentary on functioning, which makes it easy to use for one-handed operation. You'll want to use this light everywhere you go. The Fenix PD25 flashlight is simplicity at its finest.

Some of the specifications for the PD25, which is one of our brightest 16340 flashlights is that it has a maximum distance of 427 feet or 130 meters of throw distance. It also has an intelligent memory circuit, which means it remembers the last mode used before being turned off. It has a digitally regulated output that maintains constant brightness. It also has a low voltage warning function to remind you to replace the battery when it gets low. It has reverse polarity protection to protect from improper battery installation. It has on overheat protection to avoid high temperature of the surface and it has anti-roll and slip-resistant by design, which is pretty cool. It has a side switch on the head for output selection and it has toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating on them. It is IPX8 waterproof rated, which means it's waterproof up to 2 meters for 30 minutes so those are most of the specifications you can find on Fenix store about the Fenix PD25 flashlight, which is one of our brightest 16340 flashlights.

Batteries are not included with this flashlight when you buy it but it does use one 3 volt CR123 battery or one Fenix 16340 battery, which is rechargeable, which is what we would suggest in the first place. We have two 16340 batteries that we recommend. It's the L16 700 and the L16 700U. The only difference between the two is that the U has a micro USB port that you can use to charge with any normal Samsung Galaxy charger or micro USB charger. The others, you would have to stick directly into a charger to charge them so it just makes it easier and simple.

Another point we need to touch on when we're talking about the Fenix PD25 flashlight, which is one of our brightest 16340 flashlights is the compatible chargers for the batteries that it uses. The compatible chargers are the ARE-X1 one plus the ARE-X2 the ARE-C1+ (discontinued; see ARE-A2) or the ARE-C2+ (discontinued; see ARE-A4). I always recommend the ARE-X2 because it has two charging bays that you can use for multiple different sizes of batteries plus you can use it as a power bank for the 18650s and the 26650s. AA batteries do not charge your phone when using them.

Alright, the next thing we need to talk about about the Fenix PD25 flashlight which is one of our brightest 16340 flashlights is what comes with it. It of course comes with the PD25 flashlight when you buy it. In the box, also, you have one lanyard one holster, a pocket clip, the spare O ring, a user manual and a warranty card.

That's about all I have to say about the PD25 Fenix flashlight. Being one of the brightest 16340 flashlights I did have to pick it up myself and I will say that it is very useful for most situations. It's just bright enough for a lot of different situations so, if you're not gonna be in pitch black darkness for hours, I would say use this. It would still be useful in that situation but I think you'd want a bigger flashlight for the more powerful batteries that you would get out of them but that's about all I have to say about the Fenix PD25 Fenix flashlight, which is one of the brightest 16340 flashlights we have. Thank you for reading and, if you want to see anything more interesting or see any other lights you'd like to look at, just visit and, if you have any other questions, talk to a Fenix Store representative. Thank you.