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*The Fenix TK65R is discontinued. Please view our other rechargeable flashlights. 

Hello and welcome again to Today our topic will be the brand new Fenix TK65r (discontinued) Rechargeable LED Flashlight.  I'm putting out on maximum output of 3200 lumens. This is a rechargeable light as it describes and so far we're seeing very good reception on this unit. Let's look into it a little bit, let's talk about it. The Fenix TK65R Flashlight is a very powerful light. It was designed mostly for heavy duty use like in security, law enforcement, search and rescue, and border patrol. It has a very powerful performance with the CREE XP70 LED with the 3200 lumen output. It is of course IP68 rated so it is fully dustproof and submersible down to 2 meters deep underwater.

Since it is a rechargeable light it does come with a built in 7.2 volt 5,000mAH battery, which is a proprietary battery but it does carry with it the same one year warranty that any other Fenix battery will carry. It has five output settings plus a strobe and SOS mode. The turbo mode is 3200 lumens and will last you an hour and 45 minutes with a peak throw distance of 375 meters, which is about 1230 feet.  The high setting is 1,000 lumens and will last you just under five hours ... Four hours and 55 minutes. The medium setting is 400 lumens that will last you 13 hours and 10 minutes. Low is 150 lumens and that will last you 35 hours and 45 minutes. Then we'll of course have an eco setting, which will be 30 lumens and last you for 113 hours. The strobe mode is fully active and strobed at 3200 lumens and the SOS flashes in the medium setting at 400 lumens.

The tail cap of the Fenix TK65r is equipped with a fast charger so it charges more quickly than a standard micro-USB and it has an inner waterproofing design. Even if the cover of the USB port is lost or falls off for any reason it will still be fully waterproof. The Fenix TK65r also comes with a dedicated belt clip specially designed for this model that has a clip, or a button that you press to release the flashlight. It locks in onto the clip and you just slide that through your belt and you're good to go.

As with all of our Fenix flashlights it does have an internal and intelligent overheat protection and an intelligent memory circuit so it will be protected from overheating. If the light begins to get too hot it will automatically drop down to the next lowest brightness setting to preserve the heat protection. It also has an intelligent memory circuit, which means that it will not only turn on to the last mode that you had it on whenever you turned it off but also as the battery begins to drain it will instead of flickering or becoming dim it will just drop down to the next brightest setting that it can support once it no longer can support the highest modes.

With the micro USB fast charge it will charge up in only four hours and the orange peel reflector allows for a very wide range of vision. Then, the catapult action belt clip allows for quick access in an emergency situation. It also has on the tail cap a batter indicator that will, it displays four lights and each representing 20%. If four lights are active you're higher than 80%, three are active you're higher than 60 but lower than 80%. Two active you're higher than 40 but lower than 60, and one active you're higher than 20 but lower than 40% battery life.

If just the one is on or though just one is flashing then it is at critical battery level and you should charge as quickly as you can. It also has a lockout function which is a very popular feature on flashlights that just have switches on the side. This will prevent you from accidentally bumping it and turning it on. In order to activate the lockout function you'll just need to click and hold both the side buttons. Then, in order to unlock it you'll just need to click and hold it for three seconds.

When you purchase the light it will of course, it will come with first the Fenix TK65r single 7.2 volt 5,000 milliamp battery pack, a spare O-ring micro USB cable, USB adapter, the  specialized catapult action belt clip, the user manual, and a warranty card. That will be everything that you need to get you started using the light. The Fenix TK65 of course carries with it the standard Fenix warranty, that's a five year warranty on the flashlight itself that will cover any manufacturer's parts and defects that, any problems that you have with the flashlight outside of wear and tear by forced use or dropping beyond the ... That will allow for ... If you have any issues with the light, like I said, beyond the abnormal use you will be covered for five years so that you won't have to pay for any parts or labor charges.

The battery itself has a one year warranty on it. If the battery were to die within a year it would be replaced free of charge. The clip itself will also be covered under the Fenix accessory warranty, which is also a one year warranty. If that clip were to begin to malfunction or not stick anymore with the flashlight then that would also be replaced within a year.

That about wraps it up for this great security and tactical flashlight, the Rechargeable Fenix TK65r. If you have any questions about this item please feel free to contact us using our Contact Us form. We are Fenix experts here at Fenix-Store so we always make sure that we do everything that we can to help any customers that have any questions about the whole Fenix line. Thank you again for joining us today and I hope you have a great day.