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Tactical flashlight Overview of the Fenix TK65R




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Hello everyone and welcome to Fenix-Store, I'm John and today I am going to be talking to you about the brand new light from Fenix, the Fenix TK65R. With this new TK65R, you are given 3200 lumens and a reach of approximately 1,230 feet. The TK65R includes the Cree XPH70 LED that has the orange peel reflector. It is micro USB fast charging and offers a battery level indication. It comes with its' own specifically designed catapult-action belt clip.

The first thing I will touch on is the micro USB recharging that the TK65R offers. In addition to USB charging, the TK65R features new fast charging as well, which greatly shortens the charging time and provides enjoyable user experience. The battery the TK65R has is a specifically designed battery that is 7.2V/5000mAh and with the fast charging, you are looking at an approximate time of charging to be around 4 hours. This fast charging is achieved with an included standard charging adaptor. Another thing about the battery that the TK65R uses is that the battery itself can be randomly inserted without distinguishing the polarity markings and the light will work just fine. The battery included is equivalent to the power of four 18650 batteries. Now as mentioned, this light does include a battery indicator on the tail cap. It has 4 little LED's that will light up green to indicate the battery power. If you have a single LED flashing, you have less than 20% battery power. If you have one LED constantly on, you have between 20%-40% battery power remaining. If you have two LED's constantly on you have approximately 40%-60% battery power left. Then if you have 3 LED's constantly on, you have around 60%-80% battery power. And finally if you have all 4 LED's constantly on, you have more than 80% battery power remaining in your TK65R. To check the battery power status, you will simply click the round switch on the tail.

The TK65R comes with its' own specifically designed catapult-action belt clip for quick response and it certainly does not disappoint. The elaborately designed belt clip makes attachment and detachment easy and allows quick action. To operate, you simply press the button and the flashlight will catapult out. This will easily remove the fumbling around in the dark that annoys us all. This belt clip is applicable to belt with width less than 2.17in./55mm.

The TK65R does have two different switches on the side of the light. One will operate the general mode and the other will operate the flash mode. If you press and hold both buttons at the same time, you enter the light into its lockout mode which is not allow the light to fully operate. To unlock the light, you simply recreate the same process of pressing and holding both buttons for approximately 3-5 seconds.

The TK65R is rated IP68. It includes an inner waterproof charging port with no worries about the damage from rain or splash making the TK65R fearless of harsh environments. The TK65R is digitally regulated so the output will maintain constant brightness. It includes intelligent overheat protection and it protects from high surface temperatures. The TK65R also memorizes the last used brightness level when in the General mode. This means that once the light is turned on again, the previously used brightness level will be recalled and then used. So if you were on the turbo mode of 3200 lumens and turned the light off, the next time you ended up going to turn it back on, assuming the battery has the power to do so, the light would resume on 3200 lumens. The TK65R also includes a function that when the voltage level drops below the preset level, the flashlight is programmed to downshift to a lower brightness level until Eco output is reached.

Now I will go over the different light modes of the TK65R. To start out you will be in low mode which is 30 lumens and runs for 113 hours. Next is the low mode that runs at 150 lumens and runs for 35 hours and 45 minutes. Next up is the medium mode with has an output of 400 lumens and runs for 13 hours and 10 minutes. The next highest mode is 1000 lumens at the high mode and that will run for approximately 4 hours and 55 minutes. Then the highest general mode is the turbo mode which is 3200 lumens and will run for approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes and will shine for about 1,230 feet or 375 meters. The two flashing modes are strobe and SOS. The strobe mode flashes at 3200 lumens and then the SOS mode runs at 400 lumens. All of the above parameters were lab-tested using the Fenix battery that comes with the TK65R which is the 7.2V/5000mAh Li-ion battery pack.

Now I will go over what all is included when you purchase the TK65R. You get of course the TK65R flashlight that comes with the single 7.2V/5000mAh Li-ion battery pack. You get a single spare O-ring. It comes with a micro USB charging cable as well as the USB adaptor. Of course the catapult-action belt clip is included as well. Then as always, you are given the user manual and then warranty card from Fenix. The dimensions of the TK65R are 10.7 inches in length, 2.4 inches in head diameter, and then 1.4 inches for a body diameter. The weight of the flashlight itself without the battery is 14.7 ounces.

So to recap and finish up with the TK65R, the TK65R offers a lot of possibilities. It includes the Cree XPH70 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. It comes with the built-in 7.2V/5000mAh Li-ion battery pack. The TK65R offers micro USB fast charging with the fast charging adaptor with the micro USB charging port that includes the inner waterproofing design. The dedicated catapult-action belt clip will make the TK65R perfect for those working all the different types of security. The TK65R is also digitally regulated, features a battery level indication and low-voltage warning function, includes an intelligent overheat protection and also has the intelligent memory circuit. The TK65R is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum and includes a stainless steel strike bezel. It also is made of premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish with toughened ultra-clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coats.

That will wrap up the Fenix TK65R. Hope you enjoyed and learned a little bit from this information I was able to give you today about one of our best tactical flashlights. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great day. This is John with Fenix-Store with the Fenix TK65R, bye for now!