The Best Emergency Lights of 2018

Hello and welcome back again to Today we'll be talking about some of the Best Emergency Lights.

These lights will range from the small and hardy to the large and powerful. Just anything that would be really good to use whenever you may be stormed in for one reason or another. They're especially really good for the winter but also for the spring as we approach spring here in Oklahoma and we start to get in tornado season. Any of these Fenix flashlights, headlamps, or lanterns would be really great to have if the power gets knocked out or if something were to happen to your home or property.

7 Best Emergency Lights  

Let's get started right away. We have first of all most of our AA powered flashlights, which would be good choices. In general AAs are very easy to come by. You can get them at pretty much any convenience store and especially a store like Walmart or Target and places like that. Even if you may not have power at your house you can know that you can always get some AA batteries pretty nearby, as near as possible, that is.

1. Emergency Light - HL50 LED Headlamp 

 fenix hm50r headlamp for emergencies

First of all the Fenix HL50 headlamp is a really good option (discontinued, replaced by HM50R). This Fenix headlamp is a very small, compact unit. It has a maximum of 365 lumens and not only does it use the AA, which would be again, great for in an emergency but also can use Tenergy CR123 batteries or a single Tenergy CR123 battery.

You have the choice between using the two of those so you can have the CR123s in your house and, if you were to run out, you can always use AA batteries as a backup replacement, which is a really good option.

The reason that this one is good beyond the fact that it uses the AA batteries is just the small compact size. It's not going to weigh you down if you have to leave your house for any reason. It's small and lightweight and it can also be removed from the clip on the headband to be used as a handheld LED flashlight. So it's very versatile and it also will not encumber you if you are needing to go outside to check a fuse breaker or even maybe take a trek to a gas station nearby or something like that. This light will be by your side, can be by your side the whole time for any use.

2. Emergency Light - Fenix E25UE EDC Flashlight  

Fenix E35 V3 EDC Flashlight and Emergency Light

Next one on the list will be the Fenix E25UE (discontinued. Check out our E-Series Fenix Flashlights). This one is another really good option because of the AA battery use. You can use the AA batteries with this light to get to the 350 lumen setting, so that you know that even if you just have AA batteries, 350 lumens is going to be a pretty good amount of light to use. It's the brightest flashlight that we have as far with two AA batteries. Plus you also have the option of using two 14500 batteries. These are rechargeable batteries and if you do use those then you can get up to 1000 lumens, which is an incredible amount of light coming out from such a small flashlight. However, since we're discussing emergency lights, AA batteries are more accessible and arguably better for emergencies. 

It's really great to have so you can use the 1000 lumen setting with the 14500 lithium ion batteries, but then if those were to run out of power and you weren't able to recharge them, you just can move right over to AA batteries and still get 350 lumens, a good amount of light coming out from a small compact flashlight. Just two double A's long with a little bit extra length because of the head unit, the head piece of this light and then just a little bit wider with a flared head than just two double A's so it's really very compact, easy to carry in a pocket or anything like that.

3. Emergency Light - Fenix CL20R LED Lantern 

Fenix CL20R Emergency Light and Camping Lantern


The next thing on your emergency preparedness list might want to be a camping lantern. These little things, they are not very large and they can put out a very impressive amount of light. This makes the Fenix CL20R one of the best Emergency Lights to have. The Fenix CL20R, which is on of the smallest lanterns that we have, only costs $39.95 and it puts out a maximum of 300 lumens and that is pretty great for such a small lantern. It's a great emergency light. All the lanterns that we have available are rechargeable or at the very least take rechargeable batteries. Three of them recharge directly with a micro USB cable and then one of them takes a rechargeable battery and the battery itself actually charges directly with a micro USB cable. They're always very easy to recharge plus they will last you quite a while. The Fenix CL20R on the brightest setting will last you about 20 hours. Now that's not too long of a time if you're talking about you know, a power outage, but if you think about it, the 300 lumen setting is not necessary to be used at all times.

The next setting down, the 130 lumen setting, that will last you 12 hours and the 130 lumens is plenty of light to get around, do what you need to do, to have maybe a reading light or something like that. Something just to pass the time. That will give you 12 hours of light from the CL20R.

4. Emergency Light - Fenix CL25R LED Lantern 

Fenix CL26R Rechargeable Lantern

The CL25R (discontinued. Take a look at the Fenix CL26R), that one will, it's gonna give you more power. It's a 350 lumen maximum output and then this one also boasts a 50 lumen setting that'll last you for almost an entire day, 23 hours 45 minutes. Now that is a great thing to have on the side in case of an emergency; you have at least a days worth of light if you use this o these more economical settings. This is not the lowest setting but not the highest either. Then you also know that if you do need it on the highest setting, which is 350 lumens, that it will last you over two hours for that amount of brightness.

5. Emergency Light - Fenix CL30R LED Lantern 

Fenix CL30R Emergency Light and Lantern

The Fenix CL30R, this one is particularly powerful as far as run time because it uses three 18650 batteries. Again, this is all directly rechargeable so you can just very easily keep it charged up at all times, prepared for an emergency. At the turbo setting of 650 lumens, that'll last you four and a half hours or up to six hours if you use 3500 milliamp batteries. Now that's the 650 lumen setting. You're not gonna need 650 lumens on a camping lantern for all that often. It's really a very large amount of, a really bright amount of light coming out of a lantern and it's not really necessary to use for a straight six hours with no break. Most of the time you'll probably be using the 100 lumen setting, which can last you up to 51 hours. That's over two days or on the 350 lumen setting, which will last you 12 hours. That's half a day. So both of those settings will give you plenty of light for a very long period of time.

6. Emergency Light - Fenix CL09 Mini Lantern 

Fenix CL09 Emergency Light Mini Lantern

The last lantern that we have is the Fenix CL09 camping lantern. This one is not quite as bright. It does have a 200 lumen setting but it will only last for about two to six hours. If you want to use just the medium or high settings, those are where you'll get a lot of run time from them, up to 36 hours on the medium setting using regular CR123 batteries. Obviously not as bright as the others because this one is a lot smaller but it will be a very good thing to have in an emergency if you need a lantern of some sort.

7. Emergency Light - Fenix RC20 Rechargeable Flashlight 

 Fenix RC20 Rechargeable Flashlight Emergency Light

The last recommendation would probably be the Fenix RC20 rechargeable LED flashlight. This light comes with a designated charging cradle. That makes it really easy to store while being charged. This is the type of thing where you can store it on the charging cradle therefore you will know that as soon as the power goes out you don't have to worry about whether or not this light is fully charged. It will be charged up 100 percent because you can just simply store it on the charger. Otherwise you would have to just keep them constantly plugged into the wall through a micro USB cable or plugged into your computer. But this flashlight you can keep the cradle plugged into wall and always have it available as soon as you need it. It'll also last you quite a while. It's got a 1000 lumens maximum output. Again, not necessary to use all the time especially in an emergency situation whenever you're trying to save power. It does have a medium setting of 150 lumens that'll last you 10 hours so that's a really great option to have.

That about wraps it up for the best emergency lights. I hope everybody stays safe for the remainder of this winter and the beginning of this spring storm season. Thank you for joining us again today and thank you for being a Fenix customer and if you do have any questions you can always feel free to contact us. Thank you very much and you have a great day.