The Best Pocket Flashlight of 2018


Thank you for joining us on another blog post. Today we're going to be mentioning a very special flashlight. This is the best pocket flashlight of 2018, and that is the Fenix RC09. (discontinued; see E18R) The Fenix RC09 is a very special type of pocket flashlight. It has many features, the perfect size, which all make it the best pocket flashlight of 2018. Let's discuss some of these features, and talk about the outputs, and all the different categories this flashlight could fall in.

Powerful Pocket Flashlight  

The Fenix RC09 has a max output of 550 lumens and that would be on its turbo mode. The high would be 150 lumens, the mid would be 50 lumens, and low would be 5. An additional feature is that this flashlight has a strobe function, which is at 550 lumens. So, the RC09 makes the perfect pocket flashlight of 2018, simply because it has a high output for being such a small flashlight.

Now, talking about the size of the Fenix RC09, it's not very big. A lot of people carry everyday carry flashlights, like the PD35 or the PD35 TAC, but these flashlights, they just seem to be too long or too big to be the perfect one to fit in your pocket. That's what makes the Fenix RC09 the perfect size for the perfect amount of lumens. Lengthwise you're only getting 2.8 inches in length. The diameter is less than a inch, .85 inches. And the weight is 1.59 ounces. That's excluding the battery, of course.

Now, you do have two options on powering the Fenix RC09. You can use the 16340 batteries, which we have two options available, the L16-700 and the L16-700U. The Fenix RC09 can also be powered by one single CR123A non-rechargeable Lithium battery. Those would be the two options that you have available to power the Fenix RC09.

Another great feature about this flashlight is that it does have a nice two-position body clip. That means that you could position it in dual ways, or two different ways to carry it around with you. And the pocket clip is really strong and sturdy, which is one of the important features of having the perfect flashlight, or the perfect pocket flashlight for you.

Rechargeable Pocket Flashlight  

Another great feature that we did not mention, or did we not emphasize at the beginning is that the RC09 is a rechargeable flashlight if you are using the 16340 batteries. The RC09 has a magnetic charging port which can be charged magnetically via a magnetic charging USB cable. This USB cable will be included with the Fenix RC09. It makes it a very ingenious design or ingenious flashlight to have around, especially if it's going to be the flashlight that you're going to be carrying in your pocket, your everyday carry flashlight, or the flashlight that you're going to have with you all the time.

That's just some of the features that the RC09 has. We're going to discuss a little bit more of how we could use it, the outdoor environments it would be good for, the way its performs, and all the features that it has. The RC09, one of the other features we wanted to mention, is its IPX-8 rating. This means the flashlight can be dropped or it can be submerged under water and it would be waterproof up to six and a half feet for 30 minutes. That is a really nice added feature. Most Fenix flashlights have that. Not all of them do because some of them are just water resistant, but this pocket light is waterproof, up to six and a half feet for 30 minutes. That's another added specification that the flashlight has.

We know there are a lot of people out there that like to have super bright, long throw flashlights with them all the time. But let's be realistic here. You can't always have a TK75 with you, or you can't always have those bigger, bulky flashlights like the TK16 or the TK20R in your pocket. They're just too bulky, especially if you're the type of person that works in the office, or that has to use a certain amount of tools with you. If you can't take everything with you, the RC09 would be the perfect fit for you. Simply put, it could be carried in a pocket, inside a coat pocket, easily carried inside your jacket, all these different specifications, and it's not going to be too bulky to carry with you, so it really makes it a perfect everyday carry flashlight, the perfect EDC flashlight to have.

The other great benefit is that if you're a person that is always on the run, well, the flashlight is rechargeable, so you could always take the USB charging cable with you without taking up any extra space and just hooking it up while you're in between runs. Let's say you're an electrician or a home inspector. In between inspections, you could set it to charge, that way you get a charge in between an theewd you have a fully powered flashlight.

Those are some of the great features to keep in mind when purchasing a pocket flashlight. Now, this flashlight, as we have mentioned, has quite a few different output modes, and a lot of people would say, "Well, most common flashlights are around 1000 lumens when you buy them so 550 isn't that much." If you were to put this flashlight to the test with the 1000 lumen flashlights, you may be able to tell the difference, but it would be minimal, simply because Fenix uses high quality Cree LED bulbs in their flashlights.

And the reflector on this flashlight is very uniquely designed. It's going to give you a nice spread on the flashlight, so you're going to have a nice, even flow of light all around. That way, even compared to a 1000 lumen flashlight, even though you will be able to note the difference, it won't be so drastic and this little pocket flashlight is still useful. It's going to be extremely useful, especially if you lose your keys in your car and you drop them, or you drop something underneath your car or your couch, then you'd have the perfect flashlight to use for that, and you're not going to have to pull out some hunk of flashlight out of your toolbox or out of the back of your car to be able to look for it.

Final Thoughts on the Best Pocket Flashlight  

Another great feature of this flashlight is the dual position pocket clip. We have seen a lot of electricians or people that use hats throughout the work day put those flashlights on their caps and be able to use it to light up without having to hold the flashlight up. That's another great everyday carry feature that many other flashlights don't have, like the PD35 that can only be faced one way because there really isn't a groove to move that pocket clip. This RC09 pocket flashlight has that dual position, so it's a really nice added feature for this flashlight.

These are just some of the things that we wanted to discuss about this Fenix RC09, being that it is the best pocket flashlight for 2018. We know that there has been great pocket flashlights in the previous years, but this really is the best pocket flashlight of this year, 2018. We recommend you make a purchase for it. We appreciate you joining us on this blog post.