The Best Police Flashlights of 2018

Today we'll be covering some of the top seven best police flashlights that we have to offer. This will be a pretty good list of the different lights that we do carry that we find are especially popular with police officers and other law enforcement professionals, including security guards and highway patrol.

  1. Fenix PD35 Tactical Edition - $71.95. This is the tactical edition of the standard Fenix PD35 and this is a 1000 lumen put light and it has your standard operation of a power switch on the tail cap as well as a side switch on the side of the light to switch between the brightness levels. One of the reasons that makes this light a great tactical flashlight is that it actually, as the name implies, being the tactical edition of the Fenix PD35, it does have a built in set of mode functions called the Tactical Mode


    The way that the tactical mode works is that it will remove all function from the side switch, from the standard mode switch and it will actually put the function of both the power and the mode functions just on the tail cap. So you never have to remove your thumb from the tail switch button and you don't have to search for a side switch button to change the brightness levels. The tactical mode will give you access ... Immediate access to the turbo, strobe and low settings for the simplified operation so that you always know exactly what you're getting when you need it. It will always turn on, on the turbo mode while in tactical mode.

    There's no memory so it will always turn on in that turbo setting and you just do a quick half press to change it to the strobe so you have immediate access to your strobe mode and if you just need a little low light you can still access low. You can cycle through the half press to get to the strobe setting and another half press to get it to that low setting and then click from there also. The Fenix PD35 Tactical really allows you to immediately be prepared with your brightest possible light and with a very easy access to your strobe mode at a moments notice and that's why the Fenix PD35 TAC is first on the list of best seven police flashlights.

  2. Fenix PD35 V2.0 2018 - $69.95. This is an upgraded version of the standard edition of the Fenix PD35. The new Fenix PD35 Version 2.0 has a max output of 1000 lumens and it also offers a good number of brightness levels as well as very high run time on each level. The high output give up to 5 hours and 10 minutes, and then it also features a convenient battery indicator that will show you the level of your battery when you first turn the light on. 
  3. Fenix TK20R Rechargeable Flashlight - $99.95. We've talked about this one a few times before and it certainly does earn a place here on the list of police flashlights. This is a rechargeable LED flashlight that has a micro USB port to directly charge the battery inside the flashlight through the tail cap. It'll also feature a battery level indicator just like the Fenix PD35 Version 2.0. So whenever you first turn the light on, it'll give you a colored light indicator to tell you how high your battery charge is and it also has a very impressive strike bezel on the head of the flashlight. It is also equipped with a good reflector angle so you get a good amount of throw from this light without losing much flood.


    The Fenix TK20R max output is 1000 lumens and on the turbo setting and has a run time of 4 ½ hours. It's gonna last you quite a while into your shift if you're working a night shift as a police officer plus you also have that option of the USB recharge, so you always can recharge it again in the patrol vehicle.

  4. Fenix RC20 Rechargeable flashlight - $119.95. The Fenix RC20 is another 1000 lumen maximum output flashlight with very unique features. The major difference between the Fenix RC20 and the TK20R is that the Fenix RC20 does come with a dual tail cap, so you have both the power and the mode switch right there on the tail. This is very convenient, super easy to use and again, just like with the PD35 Tactical, you will never have to remove your thumb from the back switch. You have easy access to the power switch at all times, easy access to the mode switch. A quick half second press turns on your strobe mode, and the Fenix RC20 does have the option of some simplified output settings as well. It will take you from having five different output levels to just two output levels plus the strobe mode.


    The other really great thing about the RC20 is that it does come with a charging cradle, this is a USB connected charging cradle. So the cradle can plug in via USB, so it can charge anywhere that you can plug in a USB, and the nature of the cradle makes it incredibly easy to just grab the light and go. You can leave this cradle in your patrol car plugged in all the time and whenever you need the light you just grab it out of the cradle, and it's good to go. You don't need to worry about unplugging anything, it's a very quick release so there's really no detaching anything, you just grab it and it's with you.

  5. Fenix TK15 Ultimate Edition - $74.95 (TK15UE discontinued. Browse our other tactical flashlights). This light has a 1000 lumen output setting as well. It's very similar to the TK20R in that it has the really nice square head, very powerful strike bezel on the end.The difference is slight, the Fenix TK15UE is not directly rechargeable. It does take rechargeable 18650 batteries, but you will have to supply those separately, and also they will have to charge separately. The Fenix TK15UE does come in a black and a gray color. It's good to have a bit of a change from all the black. Most tactical gear is always black, so it's nice to see having a gray option as well.


  6. Fenix TK16 V2 LED flashlight - $99.95. This flashlight also has a dual tail cap, similar to the Fenix RC20. However, the major difference is that the Fenix TK16 V2 has true instant strobe access. If the light is off, and you click that mode switch, it will immediately turn on to strobe. The strobe will say on for as long as you hold it down. If you let it go it will turn off. This is a great feature because most flashlight you have to turn them on first and then you have to wait a half second to turn on strobe. As is with most of of your Police and law enforcement flashlights it is 3100 Lumens.


  7. Fenix TK65R Rechargeable LED Flashlight - $219.95 (TK65R discontinued. Browse our other Fenix tactical flashlights). This light is an impressive 3200 lumen output setting, and it comes with its own proprietary battery with micro USB recharging on the tail cap. One of the most exciting things about this is it comes with a very nice belt clip that allows easy access to the light because it is a bit larger than ... You're not going to fit it in your pocket but this will be an excellent security flashlight. You'll have that belt clip, and it's a quick release mounting system. so you click the button on the belt clip to release the light, and the light will pop off into your hand and, it's ready to use. It has a good amount of weight, so you can even use it for a club if you need to, and it also has easy access to the strobe with a completely separate switch from the power and mode functions, so you can immediately turn on that strobe mode by clicking that other switch.tk65rblogpost.jpg
  8. Honorable Mention - Fenix TK09 LED Flashlight - $64.95 (Discontinued. Browse our other tactical flashlights). - The reason that we recommend this flashlight is because even though it's not quite as bright it's our only flashlight that on the standard modes does not have a memory function. It's designed specifically for police officers in mind because many officers we hear they don't want a memory on their light. They want it to always turn on, on the highest level so that is exactly the reason that the Fenix TK09 was made. There is no memory on it. It will always turn on at the 900 lumen output setting. Also, the TK09 only has a tail switch operation, so it's a very easy to use, and it will always turn on to the turbo, so you never have to wonder where you left it. So all in all just a very simplistic light. Perfect for if you're getting yourself into a tactical situation you wanna know exactly what's going on.


That'll about wrap it up for today. These are some the best police flashlights brought to you from Fenix. If you do have any questions please contact us at, and we'd be happy to help you out, whether it's about any of our Fenix products, any flashlight questions in general or of course any questions about these police lights that we've covered today.