The Best Tail Standing Flashlights

Thank you for joining us again on another blog post. Today, we're going to be talking about a very, very special category of flashlights. As you know, Fenix offers a wide variety of LED flashlights, different lumen outputs, different lengths, different sizes, different varieties, some of that have long throw, some that are more spot, some that do both, headlamps, many different varieties of LED flashlights. Today, we're going to talk about one specific category of flashlights and we might not talk about all the ones that are in this category but I will pick a few of the best that we have from each different type of flashlight that we have.

Top Tail Standing Fenix Flashlights 

The category that we're going to be discussing today is tail standing flashlights. There is a lot of people that always call in and ask, "Hey, this Fenix PD35 V3 or this Fenix TK20R that I have, it doesn't tail stand." Well, those are some of the models that will not be able to do it but we have many that you would be able to tail stand and be able to use almost as if it were a lantern if you were to have a diffuser with it. Let's get straight into it. I'm pretty much going to choose my favorite models today while we're discussing this, talking about the most common or the best tail standing flashlights that we have.

Fenix E12 Everyday Carry Flashlight 

Fenix E12 V2 EDC Flashlight

Starting off, I'm going to go with the Fenix E12 (discontinued; recommended replacement E12 V2). Now, the Fenix E12 is a single AA battery powered flashlight with a max lumen of 130. It does have a spot for a lanyard so you could carry it easily. It's on the smaller size. As we mentioned, it only has a max output of 130 lumens. It does have three different outputs which is low at 8, the mid at 50, and the high at 130. It does have reverse polarity protection so whichever way you put that AA battery in there you won't have to worry.

This flashlight does tail stand and it is waterproof as well. If you're looking for something compact to always carry in your pocket, maybe you're wanting to get something for your wife for her to always carry in her purse or something you want to keep in the car, I would definitely look into the Fenix E12. This is actually a great light to keep even in that drawer that you have in your house. The general purpose drawer is the one I call it which has a bunch of stuff in it; tape, scissors, and the like. We all have that drawer at our house. This would be a really nice addition to that. Let's say one day your power goes out, this would be the perfect flashlight to help you out in that situation.

Fenix UC30 Rechargeable Flashlight 

Fenix UC30 rechargeable flashlight

The next flashlight that I want to discuss that also tail stands is going to be the Fenix UC30 LED flashlight. The reason I like the UC30 so much, not only does it tail stand but it is one of our rechargeable flashlights. It delivers 1,000 lumens, it comes with an 18650, it is rechargeable, it was just upgraded to the 2017 edition and it tail stands. What more can you want from a flashlight? Really, when you buy this flashlight you're pretty much buying the whole package. The battery will be included when you buy the Fenix UC30 and you're going to be receiving a 2600 milliamp battery. You won't need a charger since the flashlight itself is rechargeable so you could easily connect it to a USB cable which will be included as well. Hook it up to your computer, hook it up to that AC adapter for your phone or even in your car and you will be ready to go.

You won't have to have anything else like a separate charger or separate batteries since the battery chargers inside the flashlight so you're set to go. This does run on CR123 batteries as well so I would always keep a pack of the CR123 batteries handy. That way just in case you run out of power and you're somewhere where you can't charge it you could easily pop a couple of those Tenergy CR123's in the flashlight and use it momentarily via that power source.

Another great feature of this rechargeable flashlight is that it's also one of the more compact series flashlights that I would say that uses an Fenix 18650. Length-wise, it's only 5.1 inches. Head diameter throughout the whole body is pretty much 1 inch. The body diameter might be a tad smaller than that one inch so you're really going to have a pretty compact flashlight, something once again that would be easy for your wife or girlfriend, your daughter, to carry in her purse, easy flashlight as a gift as well. This would be another one that I would also keep in mind, that would be the Fenix UC30.

Fenix PD32 Everyday Carry Flashlight 

Fenix PD32 V2 Everyday Carry Flashlight

Now, moving on I'm going to go to the series that everybody loves, the PD series. Yes, there is a PD flashlight that tail stands and that is the Fenix PD32 (discontinued; recommended replacement PD32 V2). It's 900 lumens, it's priced very, very nicely at $61.95 and it gives a really good output. It also has that tactical bezel, that tactical head for personal defense, comes with a pocket clip, has a side switch and a rear on and off switch so it gives you both options there. You could turn it on and off on the rear and then use the side switch to increase to the different output modes. It will include the holster, some spare O-rings and, of course, this one also you could add a lanyard to it as well.

Another thing that I really like about this Fenix PD32 is that it has a stainless steel side switch so it makes it look really nice, smooth sides which are really easy to use. It has good outputs with an eco-low, mid, high, and a turbo as well; so it is a really, really good all around flashlight. It also does have that strobe and that SOS. As we mentioned before, it's a tail standing flashlight. The cool thing about this PD32 is that if you do tail stand it you could buy a diffuser, we do sell diffusers for this flashlight, and you could pretty much use this as a lantern when you go camping, when there's a thunderstorm at night and you lose power for a few hours. It's a really good all around flashlight.

Fenix FD65 Adjustable Focus Flashlight  

Now, last but not least I am going to talk about a very new flashlight, the best tail stand, it has really good output. This will be the FD65 (discontinued. Recommended replacement: Fenix LR35R 10000 lumen flashlight). The Fenix FD65 has a total of 3800 lumens and as you know it's from the FD Series so it has that spotlight and that also really, really long throw distance. It has that wide beam also. It also does have that spotlight that reaches a total of 1300 feet and the flood light which is a total of 282 feet. That's on the turbo mode which is the 3800 lumens. This Fenix FD65 flashlight uses a total of four 18650 batteries which will give you a really good runtime on those 3800 lumens as well. Total run time, you're looking about three hours on the 3800 lumens which is really good, especially for that amount of output on there. It is IP68 rated so that's two meters for 30 minutes or six and a half feet.

Those are some of the flashlights that I wanted to discuss today that do the tail standing. This FD65 does that tail standing as well. Also, a lot of people have asked if a light this big would have a diffuser. We actually do have a diffuser that would fit this Fenix FD65 even though the head is a little bit larger than usual. Once again, you would be able to use this flashlight almost as a lantern when camping or in any situation where you need to use a more diffused light to not blind everybody in the eyes, especially with 3800 lumens.

Once again, we appreciate you guys joining us today for a short blog post regarding these Fenix flashlights that  tail stand. We wanted to make this for a lot of the people that call in and say, "Hey, you have really good LED flashlights but I want one that tail stands." Well, now here you are, these are some of the ones that you would be able to choose from and we have many more. If you do have any questions regarding these other models that we have available, please give us a call. Our customer service is always happy to help. We thank you for joining us on this blog post and you have a great day.