The Best Walking Lights of 2018

Today we will be reviewing the best walking lights. This will include some of the best walking LED headlamps as well some of the best walking LED flashlights for both city and rural use.


Fenix Headlamp for Walking - HL26R  

So let's get right into it. First I will discuss the HL26R Headlamp (discontinued. Browse our other Fenix headlamps). This Fenix headlamp is definitely in the running for one of the best walking lights because it is actually completely designed around the idea of running. And as a running headlamp it is gonna be really good for walking. The Fenix HL26R comes in three different colors; you can get it in black, blue, or yellow. It's made of a tough plastic, and it has a designated spot and two designated floodlights. It has a maximum output of 450 lumens and is very lightweight, which is gonna be much more comfortable when walking or running than one of our heavier headlamps designed for industrial or camping use and that type of thing.

The Fenix HL26R does also come with a built in battery, and it charges through a micro USB port, so it's a very convenient method of charging. You mostly likely already have micros USB cable in your home and if you have any sort of Android or non Apple phone, it's very likely that it uses a micro USB to charge anyway.

The Fenix HL26R is also IP66 rated, which means it is fully protected against dust and debris and protected against heavy rain and splashing water damage. As was mentioned before, it does come in three different colors. So you have a bit of customization available. You can choose between those three colors, whichever one you like better. They all are exactly the same other than the body color. They come with a reflective and sweat-blocking headband. So there is some stuff on the front that's gonna prevent sweat from dripping down your forehead into your eyes and also the outside, the Fenix lettering and the orange stripe and everything, all that has a reflective coating so it's gonna help with safety as well.

  The Fenix HL26R is only 86 grams and that does include the headband and the battery. So as you might imagine, it's a very lightweight flashlight or headlamp and again it does have the flood and the spotlight separate and the middle, there is also a reflective coating around the actual LED. So this is another safety feature. So it just offers a bit more protection for visibility and drivers and that kind of thing.

It features a 100 degree wide angle design and has a high output level.

rc09.jpegSo for the size and the weight, this is way better. It also features a 60 degree tilt mechanism. So you can adjust the angle of the beam where you want it face. You can designate it if you want it right at your feet or further down on the ground.

Everyday Carry Flashlight for Walking - Fenix RC09  

One of the best lights for walking will be the Fenix RC09 flashlight (discontinued. Recommended replacement - Fenix E18R rechargeable flashlight). This is a very small and compact light but it boasts an impressive 550 lumen output. Uses a 16340 battery and charges through a proprietary magnetic USB port. So this uses a magnetic USB cable that has a special magnetic charging adaption on it, and so you don't have to have separate charger for the battery. You can just charge the battery directly inside the flashlight.

One of the reasons this is one of the best running and one of the best walking headlamps is because of the compact size and of course the extreme light weight of it. Again it's 550 lumens and it only weighs 45 grams, and it's gonna fit easily in your pocket, so if you start the walk before the sun is going down but then you want to be out while the sun goes down, you can just fit that in your pocket and it is very light weight and easy to carry until you need it.

It also features a very easy access to the strobe mode. So if you happen to encounter any dangerous situation while you out walking, it is gonna be very helpful to use that strobe on a person or an animal for that matter that is coming after you and helps you get away more easily.

Fenix Flashlight for Walking - Fenix FD45  

Next is the Fenix FD45 flashlight (discontinued. View our other Fenix FD series flashlights). This is four double A powered light. This has a maximum output of 900 lumens. It is fairly compact for the size and for the output, especially considering using the 14500 batteries which will allow you to get to the 900 Lumen output and it really is a great light for walking because of the high performance focus.

fd45-e-01.original.jpgThis has a rotary focusing design so you can twist the head it's going to change from a spot to a flood output, and at 900 Lumens the flood output is really, very, very impressive and that floodlight is going to be 94 degrees in the beam angle. So it's extremely wide range area of lighting and it's gonna fit nearly in the palm of your hand. A very lightweight flashlight, Plus it also has the spot beam option which offers a 330 meter throw. So you've got the options between a 330 meter throw or a 94 degree spotlight or floodlight that is.

So it's really quite impressive that range of use for this light. The FD45 also, just like the RC09, does have the quick access to strobe function as well. Because they're both single switch operation lights they're going to be very easy to access that in the case of an emergency.

Mini LED Flashlight for Walking - Fenix LD15R  

Next will be the Fenix LD15R. This is a very new light that just came out very recently. The Fenix LD15R is a right angle rechargeable LED light. This, I would say, is one of the best walking lights simply because of the right angle function. You can clip it using the very nice pocket clip. It's a dual direction pocket clip, so it can go on either top down or bottom down and you can clip this to your pants or your belt or anything like that, and it's going to, because of the right angle design, it will shine in front of you no matter where you're facing of course. So it's kind of almost like a headlamp in that regard but you can clip it to your body, maybe to a backpack or hiking backpack or just any other type of backpack.

ld15r-01-e.jpgIt does have a 500 lumen maximum output, as well as it is also USB rechargeable. It is has a magnetic tilt cap for easy application to, especially like working on a car or anything like that. So it's kind of an added functionality, obviously not really that important for walking but just a nice feature to have. The Fenix LD15R does come with the 16340 battery required to power it up to the 500 Lumen, and it charges again with a micro USB cable directly in the flashlight so you do not have to buy a separate battery or charger. Everything comes with it.

Best Walking Light - Fenix UC35 V2.0 Rechargeable Flashlight  

And last on the list for the best walking lights that Fenix Store here has to offer, I have to say is going to be the Fenix UC35 Version 2.0. So it might seem a bit different than the other lights on this list that have been mentioned but I simply cannot make this list complete without this light. The Fenix UC35 is an incredibly versatile light. It is definitely in our top three best sellers and it's for a good reason. This light is very compact for the amazing 1000 lumen output that it offers. It comes with a battery, an 18650. It charges with mic USB and it is very lightweight and compact enough to carry as an EDC flashlight.

So as an EDC flashlight it does need to be versatile and one of the ways that it is gonna be versatile, it's gonna be a great walking light. It's not gonna be heavy, it's gonna fit in your hand nicely. It offers you a strobe function for protection, a good throw, a good maximum output of 1000 lumens and really is just an all round excellent flashlight that you really couldn't go wrong with, no matter what your application.

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