The Perfect Flashlight For Traveling | Fenix RC05


Purchase the Fenix RC05 Travel Flashlight Here (RC05 discontinued; see EDC Flashlights)

This is Judy, And I want to tell you about my favorite light for traveling. I consider the RC05 as my favorite travel flashlight. When my husband and I travel to other countries, we take a lot of stuff for friends of ours and things like that. Therefore, the weight is one of the most important things. The weight on the RC05 is 1.3 ounces. As you can see, it's very, very light. That of course does not include the battery, but it takes a AA battery, and a battery does comes with it. It is a 14500 battery, 3.6 volts, so you can use that. The reason we like the Fenix RC05 is the fact that it takes a AA battery, I can always buy AA batteries over in Europe or any other place that I travel to. The other batteries are hard to get, but the AA batteries they are great. Anyway, that's why I like the RC05 as far as batteries.

Now the other thing that I really like is the fact that the charging cable is magnetic. All you have to do is put it close to the flashlight where the charging plate is, and it just attaches itself quickly. It also has a micro USB connection so that I can charge my Kindle. My husband and I love to read, so that's one of the important things is to be able to charge our Kindle. Those are a couple of the first of all the reasons why we really like it. The second thing I want to talk about is how small it is. The size of the light itself is 3.7 inches, or 94 millimeters, and the head diameter is only 0.7 inches, which is 19 millimeters in diameter. Therefore, I can put it in my carry-on, and I don't have any problem getting that through security. The Fenix RC05 flashlight is one of my favorites.

The next thing that I really like about is the power of it. It is on high 300 lumens. A lot of times when we're staying in a place like a campground, or even if we're staying in a hotel, a lot of times we still have to go through portions of woods to get to the locations we're going to. Therefore, if we're on a rocky area, and there's a lot of large rocks, we are able to be able to go through those areas with my little flashlight because 300 lumens is wonderful. It lights up the area so that we can walk without any fear of falling down or tripping over rocks. Also it has a pocket clip on it. With the clip, I can clip it to my pocket, I can clip it to my purse, I can clip it to the handle of my purse. There's so may different versatile ways that I can hook to it.

The other thing about it is there's a magnetic bottom to it. If by chance we need to put it on a metal table, it will stick to that, or if we want to stick it to something metal and hang it, we can do that. It's always great when you have that magnetic flashlight to just clip on to some type of metal, or a string. There is an overheat protection on this flashlight so that if by chance we had it on too long, it would bump down to the next lowest level, and then we could bump it back up. The Fenix RC05 is very versatile flashlight that uses a couple of different batteries. Anyway, hope you look it up and see what the Fenix RC05 can do for you, and it might become one of your favorite flashlights also. Thank you and have a great day.