Top 5 Tactical Far Throw Distance Flashlights - 2018 Edition


Today we will be reviewing the top 5 tactical far distance flashlights. These are all going to be long range flashlights.

Fenix TK75 Long Distance Throwing Light 

First up, I'm talk with you about the Fenix TK75 2018 edition (discontinued. View our TK series flashlights). This flashlights has a max output of 5100 Lumens. It has a max beam distance of 850 meters, which is 2788 feet. This is the farthest throwing flashlight for Fenix that has recently come out and it's definitely a hot seller already. It comes with a dual stainless steel switches offer that has user friendly outputs selection of six different bracket levels and two different flash modes, including an instant turbo and a strobe. The lock out function that is equipped on this Fenix TK75 prevents the possibility of unintended operation of the flashlight, which keeps it safe and secure. And the Fenix TK75 also includes a built in socket that can either be useful as a shorter shot option or a tripod mount.

With the Fenix TK75 you also have a micro USB rechargeable battery holder, so the flashlight itself is not directly rechargeable but once you unscrew the tail cab, take the battery holder out, you can keep the batteries inside the battery holder and just plug in the battery holder via micro USB and you can recharge up your batteries that way. There is a battery level indication in between the two size switches and also on the battery holder itself, whenever you are charging it. It has a momentary turbo and then also a strobe mode. And I can go ahead and go over the different modes starting in the flash modes. We have SOS that runs for 150 lumens, a strobe mode that is the 5100 lumens, starting at the bottom we have eco of 50 lumens, low of 150, medium of 450, high one of 1000, high two of 2000 and then we have turbo of 5100 lumens. And at the turbo, you have the 850 meter beam distance or the 2788 feet beam distance. So, if you need a good spotlight, the Fenix TK75 is definitely the way to go.


Fenix RC40 Rechargeable Throw Light 

Next up on our list of the five best throw flashlights is the Fenix RC40, the 2016 edition. Now, this Fenix RC40 (discontinued; recommended replacement is the LR80R) has a max output of 6000 lumens in its ultra high output rechargeable flashlight, which is perfect for field operation. The Fenix RC40 does offer an ultra long, maximum beam reach of 730 meters or 2395 feet. So, just under 2400 feet. This is the second longest throw for the Fenix flashlights. It does have two side switches as well and it works similar to the Fenix TK75, where the right switch will maintain the actual on and off and output and then the left switch will be your flashing modes. With this Fenix RC40 you have an SOS mode of 500 lumens, a strobe mode of 6000 lumens, eco will start out at 45 lumens, low will be 500, mid will be 2000, high is 4000 lumens and then you have turbo of 6000 lumens and at that 6000 lumens you have that 730 meter beam distance. The Fenix RC40 is also rechargeable, it comes with its own AC and DC adapter and then the Fenix RC40 can also serve as a power bank as well.


Fenix TK47 Far Distance Throwing Flashlight 

Next up is our Fenix TK47 (discontinued), It measures out at about 10 and a half inches and it has a really far throw as well. With Fenix TK47, you have a 700 meter beam distance, which is equivalent to just about 2300 feet. The Fenix TK47 also has a multi-functional tail light, two independent light switches, has the lock out function and it actually has a very rugged structure. The Fenix TK47, the tail switch itself can act as either a mini diffuser or even since it has a red LED, it can act as a signaling light as well. It also includes a lock out function and you have a separate switch for the headlight and a separate switch for the tail light. The Fenix TK47 does have a big brother, the Fenix TK47UE (discontinued), but the Fenix TK47 is specifically designed for very far throw while keeping the actual body of the flashlight relatively small. With this Fenix TK47 with the tail light you have a white light of 30 lumens, a red light of one and a half lumens and then a red flash and red SOS all at one and a half lumens. You have a strobe of 1300 lumens, you have a low of 10 lumens, a medium of 100, high of 400 lumens and then a turbo of 1300 meter lumens and that's where you'll have your 700 meter beam distances with the turbo mode.


Fenix TK32 Multi Functional LED Flashlight 

Fourth on our list is the Fenix TK32. Now, while this Fenix TK32 may not have of the four, the longest throw distance of the Fenix flashlights, I included it because it is actually relatively small. That is only measured at 6.3 inches but it is designed for a good throw, which makes it a perfect hunting flashlight and it measures out about 1358 feet on the turbo mode of 1000 lumens. What makes this Fenix TK32 unique is also because it has a red LED and a green LED built in it so you don't have to put on a filter or change the actual LED or the bulb or even the head of the unit to accommodate a different colored LED. 

With the red light, you have a maximum 105 lumens or a lower mode of 15 lumens. On the red mode, you have a 65 meter beam distance with that and the red LED is suitable for searching, hunting animals and et cetera. The green LED has a max output of 165 lumens and then a low of 30 lumens. The green high will reach 105 meters and that is more visible and will alarm some animals. And then with the white LED you can a low of 8 lumens, a medium of 100 lumens and a high of 350 and then you have the turbo mode of 1000 lumens. And with that 1000 lumens, you have your 422 meter beam distance, which is equivalent to 1385 feet. So, this Fenix Tk32 is perfect for hunting or maybe even fishing as well. It has a very far throw of the white light but you also have the red and green LED's built in.


Fenix TK20R Compact Long Range Flashlight 

And then last up on our list of the five best throw flashlights for the Fenix line is the Fenix TK20R, rechargeable LED tactical flashlight. And I included this in this list because I felt like it had to be on here since it is definitely one of the hottest seller of the Fenix flashlights. It is the first rechargeable TK series from Fenix and it also has a very good throw. It has a max output of 1000 lumens and then it has a throw distance of 310 meter or 1017 feet. And with this Fenix TK20R, it is micro USB rechargeable, has inner waterproofing treatment and reliable dual layer body design and also battery level indicator located kind of behind the side switch. So, you have a main tactical tail switch, which you will just simply use to turn on and off the flashlight that does have a momentary on and then once it's on, you can just use the side switch to change between the outputs.



Located near the tactical tail switch is the micro USB charging port. And with this Fenix TK20R, you have a low of 10 lumens, a medium of 150 lumens, a high of 350 lumens and then the turbo mode of 1000 lumens and that's where you will get your 310 meter beam distance or 1017 feet when on the 1000 level turbo mode. And with the Fenix TK20R, you also have a 1000 lumen strobe mode. And that concludes our list of the five best throw flashlights from the Fenix flashlight line. These are definitely your long range flashlights that I would highly recommend that you take a look at 'cause these are gonna be the best of the best and you also have the team in the customer service to back them up as well. So, be sure to check out and to find out all your outdoor needs and we'll be happy to assist you every step of the way.