The Best 18650 Batteries and Chargers from Fenix

best 18650 battery and best 18650 battery charger

18650 batteries has become a standard for flashlights and many other electronic accessories. To stay ahead of the curve, Fenix has expanded its line of 18650 batteries and battery chargers.

Best 18650 Battery Chargers

There are quite a few options to choose from. First let's discuss our best selling charger for 18650 batteries, the Fenix X11 Kit. This is our most commonly purchased charger simply because it's a single bay charger kit that includes a 3500 mAH battery option. The Fenix X11 18650 battery charger also features an excellent option for USB discharge, which means you can you can discharge your 18650 battery using this charger and use it to charge another USB device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

The Fenix X11 18650 battery charger may be a fan favorite, however Fenix has many other battery chargers to fit everyone's needs. At we understand that many customers like to have multiple 18650 batteries as backups or they have a Fenix Flashlight that uses multiple 18650 batteries. For this reason we offer chargers that charge multiple batteries at the same time.


best 18650 battery charger single bay Fenix X11

The first multiple 18650 battery charger I want to discuss is the Fenix X2 battery charger. This is one of the most versatile battery chargers from Fenix, and it has the ability to charge multiple 18650 batteries at the same time. The Fenix X2 charger can also charge 26650, 16340, and 14500 batteries. The X2 has a computer chip to digitally control and extend the lifespan of batteries. Just like the Fenix X11 charger, the Fenix X2 charger can be used as power back/discharge feature to charge USB devices. The X2 charger also has LEDs that provide status updates on battery charge. The Fenix X2 18650 battery charger also chooses the correct charging voltage to prevent batteries from overcharging. With the Fenix X2 charge you can charge 2 batteries at the same time. This is the perfect charger for anyone with a single 18650 flashlight that also want to have a couple of backup batteries ready at all times.fenix 18650 battery charger dual bay are-x2

Next is the Fenix ARE-A4 battery charger. This is possibly the best all around charger that we have available. The Fenix ARE-A4 charger does not feature the discharge option, but it does have features that make up for it. First, you can charge up to four 18650 batteries all at once. The second feature is the large LCD display that shows battery type, voltage, and charging status. The A4 18650 battery charger supports both AC and DC inputs. It also features a built-in multi-protection circuit to prevent overcharging. This A4 18650 battery charger is a beast. We recommend it for any that has multiple flashlights or has a flashlight that uses multiple batteries.


fenix are-a4 multibay best 18650 battery charger


Best 18650 Batteries

Let's move onto our line of 18650 batteries. features a wide variety of 18650 batteries, many of which have been recently updated. The first 18650 batteries I would like to discuss are the Fenix 3500 and 3500U high capacity 18650 batteries. These are the highest mAH batteries that Fenix has to offer, they will provide you with the longest runtime on any Fenix 18650 flashlight that we have available. The 3500U has an added feature, a micro USB port for charging, directly integrated with the battery. If you do not have one of the battery chargers mentioned above you can charge the battery with a micro USB cable. This feature is great for anyone that is on the go or backpacking and cannot carry a 18650 battery charger with them.

best 18650 battery 3500mah fenix

The last battery I want to discuss is the Fenix 2600U 18650 battery. Just like the 3500U the 2600U battery has micro USB port. The main difference between these two batteries is the price. The 2600U 18650 battery is cheaper and you will get less runtime, however you still get the same power of a 18650 battery. This is a great battery to have a as backup especially since it has the USB port for charging. The 2600U battery retails for $11.95, compared to the 3500U that retails at $22.95. Both of these 18650 batteries will give you the power necessary to use you Fenix flashlight at full capacity.

best 18650 battery fenix arb-l16-2600u usb rechargeable battery

Pick up one our 18650 battery chargers or bundles today at We have 18650 options for everyone and every need.