Top 5 Lights for Emergency Situations



Every year, early summer brings massive storms across the country, many of which cause wide-spread power outages and even worse. When your electricity goes out and you're left in the dark, it's crucial to be prepared. Your first priority should be a source of light. Here are our TOP 5 recommended emergency lights. Whether it's rechargeable, has a variable power source, or has a flood that will illuminate your entire house, having one or more of these lights during times of need is a must. 

This Memorial Day weekend, we'd like to honor all the brave men and women that sacrificed so much for our freedom.

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HM50R V2


This compact Fenix emergency light offers 700 lumens in a compact and detatchable package! Use the light on your head or use it in its handheld mode for close-up applications.

Fenix CL26R


This lantern is your perfect Fenix emergency lighting option! Compact, bright, built-in charging, and color choices. At 400 lumens the CL26R will be your top choice when you need an easy-to-carry light source. Plus, it also features red light for signaling purposes to increase your rescue chances if you are flooded out or lost in the wilderness!