Top Five Gifts for Your Husband: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights

Top Five Gifts for Your Husband: Featuring Fenix LED Flashlights


Hello, and welcome to! Thank you for choosing us as your store of choice for this Christmas and holiday season. We’ll cover my recommendations on the best lights to give to your husband! Luckily, I am someone’s husband so I have first-hand knowledge about what a husband would like! Keep in mind, these are not in any particular order from best to worst, just 5 great gift options for that special man in your life!




This 1000-lumen flashlight is a great option to keep as a car or truck light. The dual tail switch with power and mode funcitons on the back makes it very easy to find the switches in the dark and the cradle charging is very convenient if your husband is a “be prepared” type of guy (hopefully the Boy Scouts version, not the Lion King version) and he wants to just leave it plugged in all the time. The cradle makes it very easy to use as soon as you need it. No having to worry about unplugging a charging cable from the light or from the car outlet, just grab and go! The 1000 lumen maximum output is also very impressive for the size and will last an hour and ten minutes, plus the strobe mode is a great tool to have in the car if you are approached by an unseemly individual. Blind them, then gun it and get out of there!


The TK32 is an essential tool for all kinds of hunters. At a 1000 lumen white light output it will cut through the darkness in the woods when it’s needed, plus the integrated red and green LEDs provide very beneficial lighting options while in the field. Red light preserves your husband’s night vision while he’s out there bringing home the bacon (traditional or otherwise) and green light is particularly beneficial because many animals are incapable of seeing any range or green light at all. You can shine the green light straight into a hog’s face and it wouldn’t know the difference. Both the colored lights have two adjustable output settings with a max of 105 lumens on the red light and 165 lumens on the green. With the TK32, you know that he’ll always have the upper hand on anything that goes bump in the night.







Possibly the best option for the DIY home auto mechanic in your life is the HP25R V2 headlamp. This 1600-lumen headlamp offers a designated spot and designated flood light so that the lighting function can be changed according to the needs of the moment. If he needs to see something up high on the top shelf, turn on the spot mode light for a brighter light to see further away. But when working up close and personal, especially on intricate pieces, the soft flood light will all but guarantee minimal glare and provide an easy, even working experience.





The LD22 is an excellent gift for a workman of any kind. The 300 lumen output is plenty for any sort of job and the AA batteries that it uses are convenient and easy to find at any local store or gas station. The best part about it though is how thin it is. It is just barely thicker than a AA battery itself so it will have no problem fitting snuggly in a toolbox or tool belt, or even just fitting comfortably in his pocket. This is a great all around light for EDC use as well, with the optional Tactical mode allowing for quick access to the strobe feature for self defense.



The Fenix LR50R is a new powerhouse search light from Fenix. With a 12,000 lumen maximum output, it is our second-brightest flashlight. With an excellent spot/flood combo beam, the LR50R will light up a huge area around you plus throw up to 950 meters! Plus, the ultra-long 58 hour runtime on its lower modes will make this light last as long as you can. Finally, built-in rechargeable features will mean that even if you run out of power you can recharge at any USB-C charging location.

TK75 2018




No matter how many times you tell him anything to the contrary, some men will always be wanting the biggest best thing because he knows that size really does matter, especially when it comes to flashlights. So why not get him the newest addition to the Fenix family and one of the biggest of our flashlights, the TK75? This light puts out a whopping 5100 lumens at the maximum brightness level and will truly cut through the darkness like nobody’s business. This is an especially great choice for any guy who has a good amount of land to oversee, anyone in search and rescue, or anyone who just wants to tell his friends that his light is better than theirs. With the optional addition of the TK75 run time kit this light will go all night long and the include micro-USB rechargeable battery carrier means that you can charge it back up, even on the go. Take it with you camping or just go have fun out in the backyard, the options are endless.